Goodbye Summer Fashion, Hello Fall Ya’ll Part 1

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The chilly days and nights right now is how we like it, before the harsh cold winter season has us singing the “Brick Days Blues.”

No more bare shoulders and arms while outside at night, and thank goodness for that because I need a mini break from that Tracy Anderson workout.  Out comes the long-sleeves and we shouldn’t be boring nor simple about it.

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Earrings on Ears and Chest

My love of fashion does have limits, one of them is altering my body.

-Losing weight to fit into a sample size. Not going to happen since I love food to much and these curves aren’t going anywhere!

-Getting tattoos to document a moment in my life.  I have enough scars and bruises to remind me of those moments don’t need the ink.

-What about piercing my ears to don some earrings.  I like my ears hole free, but that doesn’t mean I can’t wear the earrings! Take it to the clothes my fellow fashion brethren.

Triple Five Soul Vest (similar)// Blaque Label Pleated Neckline Maxi(similar) // Converse Sneakers  //  JJ Winters Croc Envelope Clutch // Vintage Gold Earrings as brooches. (similar, here, here, and here)

With bejeweled clothes, shoes, and any other part where X marks the spot, this Fall/Winter is the perfect season to wear your jewels on your chest.  I look at earrings as brooches that come in pairs.

Isabel Lu Jacket (similar)/   Blaque Label Pleated Neckline Maxi // H&M Scarf (similar) // Zara Ballerina with Jewels // Vintage Colored Stone Earrings as brooches. (similar here and here)

Blaque Label Leather Cape Jacket (similar) // Blaque Label Lace Dress (similar here and here) // Zara Ballerina with Jewels // Vintage Gold earrings as brooches

Shop the Earring Options

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Misplaced In The Right Place Part Two.

The night chills are here and it’s time people to Fall in Line. Time to start wearing layered looks, covering certain body parts up, getting our leather on! I reckoned now is the prefect time to feature this video, and photos created months ago with my creative team. I personally like to stay ahead of the fashion trends, test them out, making sure the outfits created are worthy of happy faces.
Time to pose, strut and smile.

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Already Falling For Another Season.

T-minus 30 days and counting.  Ok add a couple more days to that since Mother Nature is never predictable when it comes to season changes, but there is nothing wrong with getting involved with another fashion season while running the course with the present one.  Treat it like a guy who is starting to get under your skin; you can’t make a clean getaway yet, but looking at others and a bit of touching shouldn’t get you in trouble.  The same goes for your future relationship with fall fashion when your current relationship with your summer clothes, shoes, and accessories are starting to die down.

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