Fashion Q&A: Fashionable During Winter Weddings

Question: I have three weddings to attend during the coldest months of the year. Two black-ties and one cocktail attire.  All of them are in the northeast and I live in Florida. Any Ideas?

Answer: This is something I can relate to since I have a winter wedding to attend also, but to help I tried looking for items which can be worn again.  Layering well is what I love to do since it saves money, and allows me to create countless options for the wedding, holiday parties and beyond.

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Everything But A Dress To A Wedding.

Jumpsuit love

For 2014 wedding looks, minus the dresses, click here.

What to wear to a wedding without having to wear a dress? How do you avoid that skirted one-piece without looking casual or not put-together for that special event you’re been invited to? I tackled this question last year with a couple of clients, and now with another season of I Do’s to tackle we are trying to stick out of the crowd in all the right ways.

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