Seeing Red On Valentine’s Day And After.

“What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?”  The question that I always give a long pause before answering, just to stop myself from giving a smartie pants response to the person dumb enough to ask.  Since when is V-Day a national holiday that should be discussed like I’m taking the day off? Somehow, it is expected that if you’re dating, you have to have some special love plans on Valentine’s Day. So, let me respond to that question the only way I know how.

Question: What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?

My Answer: “Shopping and eating.”

When I’m in a relationship, my man knows to show the love 365 days a year. I dont care for all that lovey dovey stuff on V-Day, but I do care about taking advantage of the specials and customized V-Day fashion pieces I could get, sometimes at a discount price!  Red clothes don’t do it for me, but some pop of red in the form of accesories and shoes are lookers. So I’ve found some pieces for us that dont scream “Valentine’s Day Junkie,” but are easy enough on the eyes and can be worn over and over again.
Now for the eating part.  Mama raised no fool, Valentine’s Day candy overload.

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