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HELLO FALL YA’LL PART 2: Color Within The Lines

choker love 4

Chokehold Made Fashionable.

Wikipedia’s definition of a chokehold or choke is a general term for grappling hold that critically reduces or prevents either air (choking) or blood (strangling) from passing through the neck of an opponent.

My definition: A chokehold is a piece of fabric or material beautifully made to fit tightly around the neck.  This chokehold, sometimes called choker, or artful neck-piece, may be so tight that it cuts off ones ability to speak, leaving this piece of art to do the talking for you.  Just breathe lightly in and out your nose.

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Stealing or Dealing: Grown Up Leather Dresses.

Hubba Hubba Fashion: Meet Stealing or Dealing.

Loeffler Randall Piera Metal Tip Flats

I was away last week spending time with friends in Florida and getting some of my Christmas shopping out of the way. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to do my weekly lust list and deal finds.  This week I’ve decided to merge Hubba Hubba Friday and Stealing or Dealing together for the Holidays.  This is just a teaser of more to come Monday.  I’ll look for some last minute finds for all of us.  I know that I’m forgetting someone from my list!
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Hubba Hubba Fashion: See Ma No Hands.

Cambridge Satchel Company Briefcase Bag  $158 on UrbanOutfitters.com

Winter has finally touched based in New York City and I still haven’t found a good pair of gloves for the season. My hands are paying the price these day plus trying to keep my handbags on my  shoulder while walking had me grunting every couple of steps. I should focus and start looking for new hand-wear, but why not get a Cross-body bag while my hands are pocket protected in my coat?!

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Riding This Pendleton Thing.

I’m proud to stay ahead of the trends, and this one, I was leading the pack, like a year ago. Now, everyone wants to rock anything with the surname Pendleton.  I’m moving on to something else, but found some Pendleton pieces that I wouldn’t mind adding to my collection.  The bike itself is cool enough to stand next to!

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Tuxedo For The Lady.


G-Star Wool Tux Navy Jacket $366

My friend Ana Triana, who works for Algodon Wine Estates, is always chic and sexy. Luckily for Ana who lives in New York City,  she has countless  shopping options, but when you’re looking for something in particular, it can get overwhelming sometimes.
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I Wish I May: Bag-A-Ton.

No outfit is complete without a good bag and for me I’m happy with the big ones.  Something that is big enough for me to carry my macbook, camera, wallet and everything else needed while I’m out and about.  So I like bags that can hold a lot but doesn’t look like a mini-house.  I found some great ones for Fall and slightly smaller handbags for the nights out.

From above from left to right:  Alexander Wang Slouchy Hobo $850 Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag $895 & Diesel Black Gold New Louis Caryall $380.

Above from left to right: Kimchi Blue O Ring Crossbody $38   Foley + Corinna Cross-Body Bag, $495 and Cooperative Mixed Media Satchel in Grey $78