A Parlor Instead Of A Runway.


Showroom.Still006Just before the end of the New York Fashion week last month, I visited Parlor Showroom, a hidden gem located in Soho.  Taylor Anne Thomas, the owner and curator, was kind enough to let my friend, videographer Sino Chum, and me see the collections of emerging designers in her Parlor!

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McQueen Said Pearls Are A Girl’s Best Friend.

alexander mcqueen fall 2013

ph: Vogue

If you could walk on rose petals or pearls which one would you chose?  Rose petals are much easier for royalty to show their regal strut, but if walking on pearls made that walk much more majestic, imperial, you’ll happily keep those petals on the stems, and glide in  on some pearly soles.

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Beyond The Street-Styling.

With all the fashion editors, models, designers, stylists, and posers that worked the pavements during the Fall/Winter 2013 presentations around the world, some looked as though they were trying too hard with their fashion week looks just to get attention from photographers, while the truly wise ones walked around in outfits that were effortless, chic and filled with styling options that can work on women of any shape and size.

romeostyle tipster feb 13-3

romeostyle tipster feb 13

romeostyle tipster feb 13-4


romeostyle tipster feb 13-2

Ph:Kayture, Tumblr, Refinery29, TommyTon, Le-21eme, Style.com, WhatDoIWear


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New Ways Of Doing Fashion Week Things

So what is a girl to do when mother nature sent us her own dress code memo in the form of a snow storm?  When showing arms and legs is not even an option unless you’re willing to freeze your barely-there behinds off or wear towering, strappy heels at your own risk.  Unless you don’t mind photographers  featuring you in their timberrrr page category.

Fashion’s elite know’s how to keep the focusing on those things that matter like outerwear, accessories and handbags, when the garments closest to the bodies can’t be used for fashion week’s show and tell. romeostyle tipster bags handheld

Handbags are held in hands not swung on shoulders.

romeostyle tipster hat scene

Hats have stolen the street-style show

romeostyle tipster belted outerwear

Belt everything.

romeostyle tipster double outerwear

A jacket and coat together is what the doctor ordered

romeostyle tipster bright outerwear

Color will always be your friend, from the hot summer summer nights and cold winter days.

PH: Style.com, Jak&Jil, Harpers Bazaar, StreetFSN


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