Sunnies Honey?

There are certain things we shouldn’t have to say goodbye to once mother nature decides to change her mood season on us. It’s obvious that our love of the framed beauties have grown over time and showing them off for only four months out of the year just will not work.  If some of us have found ways to wear strappy summer heels or platforms in the winter (we’ll share in the near future), then giving some shade while wearing a fall jacket shouldn’t be a bad thing.

All-year-round your eyes need protection, and sunglasses are the perfect accessories to keep you looking stylish.

Now which sunglasses style works for which face?

DS cat eye sunglasses

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Monday Men Style: Dressing The Header Holder.

tommy ton gqparis 16


The ladies will always find ways to dress up the arms, ears and necks throughout the winter, spring and summer seasons. If it’s not with the use of statement making jewelry, the fabrics are put to work in forms of scarves, over-sized collars and bejeweled turtlenecks during the colder months.  On the other side of the fence, men do the same thing with the exception of bejeweled turtlenecks, or maybe I have yet to see that in person.  The stand-up collars look sexier on a man, and the weight of over-sized neck-pieces can be held up much better by the strength of a man’s neck, but the turtlenecks will always be that piece of garment that looks good covering the necks of both sexes.


tommy ton neck covered


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Monday Men Style: You Hunk Of A Trendsetter.

The men have started it. roaming the Italian streets glaring, walking with swag, charming those who pass by with smiles all the while dressed in high fashion.  But if you weren’t close enough you would of missed trends this batch of men were serving during Pitto Uomo Fall 2013 tradeshows in Florence. I browsed through the photographs taken by Tommy Ton, and found some good looking men were thinking alike while others were creating trends all by their lonesome. men style stripes


A little bit of stripes can do a body good.

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Style Tip: Earrings As Collar Clips GIVEAWAY!

As I’ve said before, I don’t have pierced ears, and see no need to do it now.  Most of my friends never noticed until I pointed it out, (love them) and my love of accessories and jewelry hasn’t been hindered because I lack two more holes on my body.  I’ve just found other creative ways to rock the dangling  beauties.

In a previous post I shared how to wear earrings as brooches (here), now I’m sharing my version of collar clips!  Modeling the look, is my sister who ears also aren’t pierced.

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