Sunnies Honey?

There are certain things we shouldn’t have to say goodbye to once mother nature decides to change her mood season on us. It’s obvious that our love of the framed beauties have grown over time and showing them off for only four months out of the year just will not work.  If some of us have found ways to wear strappy summer heels or platforms in the winter (we’ll share in the near future), then giving some shade while wearing a fall jacket shouldn’t be a bad thing.

All-year-round your eyes need protection, and sunglasses are the perfect accessories to keep you looking stylish.

Now which sunglasses style works for which face?

DS cat eye sunglasses

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Item of The Week: Sunny Bunnies

romeostyle sunny bunies

This week I’ve found some framed accessories we can’t live without during the summer days, and nights depending on the type of mischief you get into!  No plain Jane sunglasses here,  this time it’s all about shading your peepers and looking fabulous when we assumed the pouted position before click click snap.

Ph: Pinterest

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My Instagram Business.

While working in my office aka New York City, sometimes a photo and a few words are needed to share the moments. So on days when you do see anything on, my Instagram is going strong.  Check out some of my photos with captions.

See No Evil on a rainy NYC night.

Minimarket S/S13 boots. Closing my eyes & doing my “Wish I May” jingle in my head.

Altewaisome knows what priority at Capsule show Food & Fashion. My type of peoples!!

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Monday Men Style: Can You See Me Better Boys?


I’m all for enhancing one’s eyes, also for correcting your sight, by whatever means necessary, be it makeup, contact lenses or lasik. Now, let me show you by which means I prefer.

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