Pretty Colors, Pretty People, Pretty Brooklyn.

Jewelry displayed like fruits and vegetables, ladies wearing clothes that like their Sunday best with an Africa twist, food that has you standing in lines like it was the last meal before dead man walking and music so loud that you can’t talk to friends, you can just use hand gestures to communicate. This is what I call Dance Africa Bazaar at Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM).

Every year I try to make it to the festival to buy jewelry, eat food and people watch, but this year I had some help from a new toy to help capture those special moments in colorful time.

Using my Canon Rebel, I snapped away while others we’re busy snapping at me. Thank you fellas (wink), and I got so excite with the process that I did’t do any shopping. Go on gasps, a miracle happened Sunday, but I didn’t lose my mind completely, food did make it to my mouth, in heavy portions.

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