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I’m Selling Your Winning!

I’ve never been good at letting my clothes go.  I’ll hold on to them much longer magazines, jewelry, my taste for certain dishes or even certain people.   With time, everything changes, and possession of too many objects just becomes… too much. I have only so much storage space in my apartment, and there are certain garments that just have not been getting the proper showtime they deserve. Out with what-was-once-loved, and the best way to do that would be to sell them!  Now I can’t just post photos of these pieces without sharing some styling tips with you, what kind of fashion expert would I be if I didn’t?

yumi kim romper day to night

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Monday Men Style: No Socks Allowed.

These fashionable guys are such teases, don’t you agree?  Last year, the shorts cool men wore gave us views of their legs, some hairy, some shaved, some adorned with tattoos.  This year the shorts are still around, but the sighting seems to be few and far between.

Now the well-dressed men are making us feel as though the legs are forbidden parts of their bodies are only a glimpse will do.  They’re not shredding their jeans  or rocking cutouts, oh no, our masculine toys have decided only the lil bit will do, like we’re in living in the 1920s where men and women thought ankles were enough.  Stingy fellas aren’t they?

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midi meet mid 2

Midi Meet Mid A Fashionable Encounter.

Not being model height nor fitting  into the petite category has some disadvantages, especially if you work in fashion.  They don’t call it sample sale for nothing.  This comes into play sometimes when I want to wear my favorite length in skirts and dresses, the midi.  I don’t want to always wear a pair of flats or outrageously high heels or platforms with every midi dress or skirt I plan on wearing this summer.  I did have this question pop up a couple of time already, and since it’s one I can relate to all to well,  just wanted to share some options, and styling tips that may help those inquiring minds.

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prada ss12

Shoe Gangs Invade Our Summer Lives.


I am one of their victims.  Got caught up in their illegal trade some years ago, my eyes are open, but I can’t stop what they’re doing to me.  In the past they stayed under the radar since it was only a single pair here and there, just enough to tease us with, but not too many at a time to have us going crazy. Now they’re getting bold and brave with their takeover, grouping together under a single name,  hitting the runways and the streets. Fashion brands are producing these sexy soleful criminals in groups and there is nothing we can do to fight against them. Continue reading “Shoe Gangs Invade Our Summer Lives.” »


Spring Trends Me Likey: Hi-Tops And Drop-Downs.

Dropping it like it’s hot with your waistline this year is a way to embrace the flapper look from the 1920s into modern day.  Its a silhouette that hides flaws some of us want hidden  and also perfect for those you have straight, boyish figures. Continue reading “Spring Trends Me Likey: Hi-Tops And Drop-Downs.” »

Whistles Rosie Silk Cotton Blouse $138.49

I Suggest: Button Up Summer Blouses.

Question of the Week: Sleeves in summer?  Who wants to still wear the same  long-sleeve blouses that were worn months ago, for the hotter days ahead?  Trying to find blouses that are appropriate for work but, still works for play time can be a bit troublesome. No one wants to worry about getting the axe for being dressed inappropriately or being to darn cranky due to the heat stroke you will have while wearing heavy weight blouses.  So what to do?

My response “less is more. Not neccsarily less fabric, but less weight within the fabric. Slightly sheer blouses are perfect for those who have to be in a setting that doesn’t allow much skin making it’s presence know.

This summer, the selection is massive with different colors, styles and prices ranges to suit everyone’s budget.

I’ve selected a few to get you guys started below.

From Left to right:

THEYSKENS’ THEORY Slit collar blouse $275

Rare Drape Back Chiffon Shirt $64.63

RACHEL COMEY Syndicate blouse$335

ASOS Sheer Split Back Shirt$55.40


From Left to Right:

ASOS Frill Bib Button Blouse$45.24

MELISSA DIAMANTIDI Sleeveless blouse$512

Oasis Sheer Pussy Bow Short Sleeved Blouse$73.86

THEYSKENS’ THEORY Franky bama blouse$350

From Left to RIght:

Pippa Lynn Colored Spot Button Front Cape Blouse $88.63

SURFACE TO AIR Sheer blouse$266

TFNC Drape Back Long Sleeveless Shirt $38.78

Whistles Rosie SIlk Blouse $138.49