Deals Galore: New Heights on Low Heels

Not too flat, nor too high, just enough heel height to keep us feeling like ladies who can run fast enough to catch the train before it leaves the station, a clothing boutique before closing hours or lead a gang of kids running after the local ice-cream truck before it disappears around the corner!   Don’t be ashamed, the summer heat will make you do some things you never thought you could, even if that means outrunning children for ice-cream sandwiches and snow cones.

So my fellow heeled-clad subjects, don’t worry about how tall or short you’ll look, lets slip into soleful beauties three inches or lower.  After all,  we should all be trying new styles in clothes, new colors in makeup and new heights in heels.

deals galore low heels 3

Tibi Shane heels $300 // ASOS SONIC Pointed Heels $53

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Hat Parade.

hat attack 2 hat attack


The ending scene of Prestige, where they’re all scattered around on the ground. Honoré Lachaille tilting it while singing the opening song in GiGi.  Then viewing several street style photographs of men wearing them in their own creative way. 

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Monday Men Style: Looking for Brad Pitt

Photographer Steven Klein captured the many faces of Brad Pitt for Interview Magazine cover shoot.  Styled by Ludivine Poiblanc, Mr Pitt appears as a womanizer, a drifter, a hitman, and a Rasta.  The photographs are accompanied by an interview conducted by Guy Richie. 

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Little Girl Blue.

For the last two years, the color blue in all it’s shades and glory, has been the color that ruled us all in one form or the other. It’s one color that works all year round, unlike a canary yellow dress for winter or a head-to-toe dark grey outfit for summer.  The cycle of fashion only allows one color forever (black) and every other to have its five minutes of fame, but somehow blue has managed to stay on for fifteen minutes, and will add another five minutes of spotlight time with some great pieces we’ll be drooling over come F/W’12.

Little Girl Blue come make your stand,

The yellows are too bright the grey too bland.

For which shade of blue shall she wear,

It does not matter,  for they all will make others stare. 

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