A Mother In Sneaker Need.

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From left to right: Topshop AEROBIC2 Camo Wedge Hi-Tops $90 //  Adidas Climawarm Blast Shoes $80 // Nike Blazer Mid Red High Top Sneakers $120 // Nike Blazer Mid Blue High Top Sneakers $120

Words from a friend who will remain nameless because once you read what she said to her one year one child, you’ll understand.  “If you don’t get down from that stool I’ll push you.”

The things children will may you say and do once they learn to walk and talk. Take that craziness and times it by 3 and that’s what my friend is dealing with her son, who is smarter than some 5 years old I’ve meet in my life. My nephew is walking up and down stairs without assistance, eats like a grown child, and walks around his neighborhood with his English bulldog like a they won the hood.  Stewie and Brian from Family Guy need to watch out.  Now my friend is not animated like Lois Griffin and raising a child who’s plotting on taking over southeastern hemisphere of America has her running after her Lil’ Man everyday and everywhere.  If she isn’t running, she’s talking crazy things.

So I was all to happy to help when she asked for assistance finding sneakers (running and wedges)  to wear when running after a child who believes the word stop means run faster.  She is to much of a fashionable woman to play it safe with her sneakers therefore I’m giving her choices broken down into two groups.

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Styling Tipster: For The Love of Jewelry.

The cold weather will not prevent some of us from shining bright with the help of beautiful jewelry.  The holiday season just ended,  but that is not a reason to put away your statement jewels.  With the new year, try these new styling tips.

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Poor Man Resort

My title does contradict itself.  Resort collections were meant for those who had the money to buy clothes just for that short period of time after the new year, while they luxuriated on a tropical island somewhere or at their home away home.  Now, resort collections have been added to designers’ calender of yearly fashion presentations and where there is a trend, there will be an opportunity to get a deal on it!

Most of us don’t have the luxury of traveling for two weeks, three weeks or even for an entire month without working, but we may try to take vacations during the coldest months of the year so why not look the part without spending to much?  At the same time, who said some resort pieces cannot be worn during the spring/summer?

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A Fashionable Dip Back Into 2012

Facebook now has an option for us to share the 20 biggest moments from 2012 to share with our, family, friends and followers.  Now why would I let Facebook decide which of my stories and photos were the best of my 2012 when I’m more than capable of doing that with my own special commentary included!


Don’t you often want to add your own dialect to some of the photos you see on a daily basis? The people featured in the photos sometimes makes it hard to resist so I decided to take a add my own two cents to a couple of photos from Monday Men Style Caption Me This.

Hi Ho Hi Ho Its Off To Work We Go.

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