A Skull A Day, Thanks to Marina.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet designers who are talented, love what they do and are also very nice people. Traits that are rarely grouped together in this industry. Yet, when you come across someone who has them all, you cant help but remember, even if he or she is not in your life everyday.  Jewelry designer, Marina Pecoraro, fits the profile.
I meet her briefly over a year ago, and somehow our discussion of her jewelry turned into us comparing life experiences. All the time, my eyes were focused on a necklace she had on.
Giorgie Jewelry Pyrite Cube Necklace
Her outstanding piece in question: her cubes necklace made out of Pyrite.
A year passed since that first and only encounter, until last month when I ran into Marina again! This time I wanted to know more, making the second encounter much more rewarding than the first.  Here is Marina’s interview for RomeoStyle.com

Vital Stats

Name: Marina Pecoraro

Stomping Ground: Upper East Side

Age: 35

Most beloved possession: Giorgie my Shih Tzu Puppy

Fashion Idol: Audrey Hepburn


Q & A

What’s your earliest memory of fashion?
Dressing up in my mom’s clothes and high heels. The  1970 style clothes together with my sister when we were 5 or 6 years old. I love those pieces so much, I still have some of them in my closet.
Where and what did you study in college?
I studied literature,  middle eastern studies and languages at Tbilisi Institute of Asia and Africa then at the University of Georgia, so jewelry designing is something I taught myself.
Why jewelry instead of fashion design?
I can’t draw or paint, and I love gems and metal much more than fabrics, so I transfer my ideas and dreams  not on a mannequin, paper or canvas, but into my jewelry pieces. It’s an amazing experience, I am very happy when creating jewelry.
When you’re designing who are you doing it for? The type of woman you see wearing your jewelry.
I work on combining gems, metals, and different colors. It’s never meant to be for one particular type of woman, it’s for any woman. Each person who wears my piece makes it her own and it is amazing to see how one piece can look so unique on each woman,like I designed it specifically for her.
Giorgie Jewelry Skull Collection.
If you had the opportunity to  collaborate with a designer, who would it be and why?
Kathy Waterman and Alberta Feretti. I admire their work.
Designing, creating and selling your line is a lot for one person, do you have any help?
My husband Larry is a huge help and he even sells at some markets for me.  I am very lucky to have him.
What’s your favorite part about the jewelry process?
It’s something that’s spiritual. I get very excited every time I create a new piece.
So when you’re not keeping us adorned, what do you do with your free time?
I love to travel, wander around  the Met Museum for hours looking for inspiration and  reading.
What are your best and worst experiences since you started designing jewelry?
I love when I see someone wearing a piece of my jewelry.
The worst is seeing when other designers forget why they started creating jewelry and because of that ,they become unprofessional and competitive.
What’s your favorite item in your closet?
My little black dress. It compliments all of my jewelry.
Where are your favorite places to shop?
I love to shop at the markets in Istanbul or Damascus where you can find authentic and unusual creations.
Complete the sentence: “In 5 years Marina will be…
This is a tough one… probably having more freedom to create what I want.
Be able to travel more to get new inspiration for my jewelry.
What do you like about RomeoStyle.com?
I like it because it’s cool, clean and the stories are fun.

Where can we purchase your jewelry?

Young Designers Market, Artists and Fleas, or my Esty store at www.giorgiejewelry.Etsy.com


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