It’s a Met Gala Kind of Day.


Not too sweet, nor too glamorous.  Rough around the edges with boots and a Mohawk to a gala, now that is my kind of party!

Tonight the Metropolitan Museum of Art will host it’s annual Costume Institute Benefit, better know as the Met Gala, with this year’s theme being Punk: Chaos to Couture.

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Style Tips: “Hide Me” Sweat Said “Hide Me.”

romeostyle tipster 042113

When you’re a slave to fashion, if there is a will you’ll find a way. Just so happens I’ve found several in order to keep my nickname Ms. Cheeky and avoid being called Ms. Sweaty Checks. I’m a sweater, through the pores that is. It’s a sweating problem that I’ve suffered from most of my life, which makes me an expert on this topic.  Through trial and damp error, I’ve figured out which garments to wear during certain seasons of the year, from the fabrics that are sweat friendly to undergarments which prevents those embarrassing moments from happening. 

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Mr. Porter’s Style Clinic Tackles Weddings

Style Clinic takes on another fashion dilemma for a man in need of some help buying his first tuxedo for his very own black tie wedding in the late summer.  Mr.Porter‘s in-house experts gives three options to this sartorial patient which might be more than what the doctor ordered, but better to have choices than none at all when it’s your wedding.

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