New Ways To Love The Colors In Your Life.


If you’re just about to board onto the color-blocking train or have been working your way to those train steps, it would be best if you throw yourself off now or let this one go by.  Cause this trend, has gone into overkill territory like the florals all day everyday trend.

I of all people shouldn’t be saying such things, after all blocking those colors up down and all around has been a styling favorite of mine for years now.  Years I say, so I know when it’s time to let go of something for awhile, just to make space for something new, the technicolor way of dressing.

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Monday Men Style: Lost Fashion Love On A Corner.

You did right man, Salute.

Yesterday I decided to take my new toy (Canon Rebel) out to play on the streets of Brooklyn.  My intentions were to showcase some men who should of showed us how they do Cool Man Sunday (was suppose to be the title of the post) at The Dance Africa Festival at The Brooklyn Academy of Music.

This was a coulda woulda, nada, nothing, zilch.  My gosh, this is suppose to be the one borough in New York that has the coolest men with the most swagga, and style not to be messed with, not the borough no on wants to mess with for all the wrong reasons.  Those men in attendance yesterday were dressed so poorly I didn’t want to waste the clicks, and the review time on my camera.  All was not lost though, you’ll see my Sunday Funday photos this week, don’t worry.

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Ear Love With Clip On Earrings.[VIDEO]

I’ve been slacking off with my videos and another verbal lickin from a friend has put me right back on track.  It had something to do with my Ear Love in this video.  I played around with my clip-on earrings for New Year’s and for a friend’s birthday party last week.  I went to shower her with love and attention, but she turned the tables on me and my outfit into a show and tell session. 

So let my show and tell everyone about my clip-on earrings  look for fashion week and beyond.

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