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Monday Men Style: Gloved Ones

menstyle gloved ones 5

menstyle gloved ones 6

Having ten fingers covered in so much style, or having gloves covering ten fingers that need to be manicured. That’s the thing about dressing certain parts of the body well, it can hide a problem area or showcase a part of your body that you’ll like to get a lot of attention.
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Fashion Deals Galore: Fashion Week Coverings.

romeostyle splurging deals fashion week 2014

The countdown has begun, and its only a matter of days before New York Fashion Week takes its hold over this city. The power of fashion isn’t strong enough to keep us warm during this winter, and since some of the fashion peeps aren’t known as the most pleasant people , who give off warm and fussy feelings to those around them. Therefore expected those sub degrees temperatures to dip even lower, and those winter storms to keep coming.  Continue reading “Fashion Deals Galore: Fashion Week Coverings.” »

Monday Men Style: Shady Boys

It’s the one accessory men have no problems buying several of and wearing throughout the year.  A sartorial man never leaves the house without a pair of sunglasses to protect his peepers from the sun, plus hide his eyes while committing other sinful things behind those pieces of plastic framed like they were made for just for them.

romeostyle shady boys 7


romeostyle shady boys  2


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He Belted Me and It Looked Good.

RomeoStyle he belted me and it looked good

This belted public service announcement is one that focuses on the waist of my fellow fashion sisters, and fellas it may help to answer why some of your belts have gone missing.

As of late, many retail shops are selling us a bigger variety of belts than we know what to do with, yet the selection these shops have to offer cannot compare to sturdy and simply cool buckled-numbers hanging in the men’s section.  Less is more, when you want a long tan, or black leather belt that isn’t too thin or too wide.

Depending on the woman or women in your life, may just be the secret belt thieves borrowers that just never returns what doesn’t belong to them.  Don’t go asking for your belt(s) back because we’ll find someway to may you feel guilty about asking us to return your property. 10 lashes

Then you have those women who buys their own belts from the men’s department like the bosses they are.  It wouldn’t be wise to go borrowing from her without asking.  Again, the invading of her personal space, blah blah blah,  and the same accessory in question will be used against you.  20 lashes or until her arm gets tired.

For being so wise and understanding, know this gentlemen,  your belts are something else we’re found hanging in the closets that have caught our eyes and there is nothing you can or should do about it.


Monday Men Style: Take Away The Color

menstyle black and white 10menstyle black and white 3


We get bombarded everyday on social media, fashion websites, and movies with images in color and it’s variations. High definition, 3D, or Sierra, Brooklyn or 1977 filters.  We often forget the simplistic beauty of black and white photographs, Continue reading “Monday Men Style: Take Away The Color” »

Monday Men Style: A Priceless Fashion Accessory.

smiles parisgqmen38

Ohh how I’ve missed putting all my focus on the fellas. For the past two weeks I’ve been putting most of my concentration on a slightly different avenue of women’s’ fashion that has me ready for a well- deserved step away from my fashion sisthrens.  I’m happily skipping into the path of some strong shoulder subjects this week and it starts with the grinning fools we just can’t get enough of. Continue reading “Monday Men Style: A Priceless Fashion Accessory.” »

Monday Men Style: Clique Pageants

menstyle clique awards

Men on display one after the other, and all we can do is stare at the beautiful creatures they are in bulk?  We don’t usually see groups of men hanging out socially unless it involves sports, or in a meeting or minds on the field… no just sports. Unfortunately men who attend those athletic games in groups, usually don’t look as cool and sexy as those gentlemen who work the global fashion weeks circuit. Continue reading “Monday Men Style: Clique Pageants” »

Tipping The Hat Goodbye Instead Hello

Hat tipper gqnyfw34

My love of hats were shared by countless men this past winter who wore an array of styles on the streets all around the world.

Therefore before saying au revoir to the season that calls for us to protect our heads in own stylish ways, I wanted to acknowledge some of the hat wearers that made milliners and mad hatters, like myself, happy spectators.

We have beanie, bobbie, trilby and floppy.  Say them out loud and they sound like the names belonging to members of a music boy band. We have the baseball cap guy playing base minus the ball, and the newsboy making sure you get the hear all all all about it.

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Monday Men Style: Man Purse

men purse valentino ss13



For years, men have been giving women grief for our obsession with handbags, purses and clutches we collect.  Why do we need so many?  What are we always carrying them?  How come our handbags are so heavy?  All those questions asked of us for decades, now lookie here, the men are carrying some extra baggage and they don’t have wheels.   Continue reading “Monday Men Style: Man Purse” »

Fashion Weeks’ Pavements Revisited.

tommy ton rodarte kirkwood heels

Tomorrow is the first official day of fashion week for the Fall/Winter 2013 collections and there will be just as much attention paid to the street-style strutters outside the venues throughout the city, as the runway models who will be wearing the latest creations from the designers. The fashion designers presenting in the coming weeks are the reasons we all put the extra effort into looking crazy, sexy and fashionable cool before leaving the house. Continue reading “Fashion Weeks’ Pavements Revisited.” »

Men Style: Fashion Imitation Is The Sincerest…

If I were a boy

SheInside Green Fur Hooded Drawstring Coat $69 // Topshop Knitted Jumper $76 // Topshop Moto Black Skinny Leigh Jeans $76 // Topshop Two Tone Zigzag Snood $32 // Swell Brixton Count Hat $75

I’ve been browsing through street-style photographs of the men stomping around during men’s fashion week in Paris for two weeks now.  Scrolling through the photos like a teen cyber-stalking her favorite boy band. Continue reading “Men Style: Fashion Imitation Is The Sincerest…” »