Show Me A Tale Tim Walker.

Let’s start with this photo here.

Left: Karen Elson in Red Cape and revolver.  Right: “Trophy Chair” by Alannah Currie

If author Neil Gaiman were to ever write an adaption of Red Riding Hood, it may look something like this.

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Little Girl Blue.

For the last two years, the color blue in all it’s shades and glory, has been the color that ruled us all in one form or the other. It’s one color that works all year round, unlike a canary yellow dress for winter or a head-to-toe dark grey outfit for summer.  The cycle of fashion only allows one color forever (black) and every other to have its five minutes of fame, but somehow blue has managed to stay on for fifteen minutes, and will add another five minutes of spotlight time with some great pieces we’ll be drooling over come F/W’12.

Little Girl Blue come make your stand,

The yellows are too bright the grey too bland.

For which shade of blue shall she wear,

It does not matter,  for they all will make others stare. 

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All Boxed Up Ready For Show.

I call these my fashion lego pieces.  Beautiful empty boxes, some covered in leather, or suede others embroidered or bejeweled.   Let’s continue with calling them minaudiere. Said out loud it sounds like” me-no-dare” which is a suiting name for these hard-case box clutches, the new must-have hand stuffers literally beating the oversized, soft envelope clutches we’ve been carrying throughout the summer months.  Minaudiere clutches forces us to edit down only to the essentials we can fit into a 6″ box.   Ohh the tough decisions we must make, the lipstick or the BB cream?

Now let’s play lego with some minaudieres that range in prices and looks.

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Fashion’s Champagne Dreams Or Beer Money.

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared some stealing or dealing items.  So to try and make up for lost time, I’m hitting you guys with the white stuff.

Lately  the all-white looks here, plus styling projects focusing on the F/W ’12 season had me looking at tons of garments and accessories with price ranges that can work for those who like paying beer man prices or others who think the finer things in life are worth paying extra for.

Go ahead and fill those champagne flutes up with whatever makes you happy, beer or champagne cause no one will know what it is just by looking the bubbles,  the same goes for these must-have items.

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