Fashion’s Winter to Spring Swap-A-Derby

romeostyle Spring Swap-A-Derby 8

I don’t recall the last time I’ve felt so full of excited to start a new season! It’s like your own Fear Factor episode of sixty minutes where you can win fifty thousand dollars after you’ve been tortured through three challenges. Our challenge was a harsh winter that lasted five months,  and unlike the show, we’ll have to create our own happiness.  

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Clutches Full of Character

statement bags  2014 22

The pets you’ll never have to feed or pick up after.

The books you’ll never have to read, but will look like you did.

Sweet treats that will remain sweet spots.

The quotes, sexy facial expressions or quick answers you can give without breaking your vow of silence.

During Fall/Winter 2014 Fashion Week presentations, around the world, the streets were talking by means of the quirky bags show-goers carried around from one city to another.

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