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pleating the lighhter way

Pleated Its Way Back Into My Life.


The first time I rocked a pleated garment was at the age of five.  The fabric was a heavy cotton-polyester blend; the style, overalls; and the place, primary school in Trinidad and Tobago.  I rocked the pleats for about seven years straight after my first time, so my relationship with the folds wasn’t one that I have fond memories of.  Time heals all wounds, scars and my love hate history with extra fabric.  I’ve found some ways to help me bring pleats back into my life so the second time around, pleats can give me happy memories. Let’s see if these ideas might help. Continue reading “Pleated Its Way Back Into My Life.” »

Spring Trends I Likey: Knock Knock Who’s There?

Definition of Door Knocker Earrings from the 1990s :  Earrings that have a section with a hinged bottom that hangs below the ear lobe.

My definition of Door Knocker Earrings of 2012: Earrings that will look great on any door in my apt, may not be used to alert me when someone wants entrance into my home, but the door-knocker earrings can be stared at, photographed, worn, borrowed and defined as small hanging pieces of art. Continue reading “Spring Trends I Likey: Knock Knock Who’s There?” »

Spring Trends Me Likey: Someone Called For An Anorak?

Most of us can’t wait to put away our heavy winter coats, most of them dark in color. We can’t wait to start dressing up in pretty colors and prints, but mother nature isn’t ready to let us get into the summer way of life.  In comes Anoraks in all their lightweight glory. Continue reading “Spring Trends Me Likey: Someone Called For An Anorak?” »

short suits 2

Spring Trends Me Likey: Hey Shortie What You Wearing?

For us lucky few, we can get away with wearing almost anything we want to work or an interview. Gosh I love my job.   Continue reading “Spring Trends Me Likey: Hey Shortie What You Wearing?” »

spring trend peplum

Spring Trends Me Likey: Put Some Peplum In Your Step.

Another A-Z  list for spring,  I A. B. C. Don’t think so.  Just had to stop myself this time around when I realized the search wasn’t as enjoyable as creating Fall’s A-Z.  It felt more like a task this time around, trying to find something for every letter of the alphabet, content, and styling suggestions. Couldn’t take the fun out of my fashion time, so I figured I’ll just start sharing the spring love and the first day of the season was the perfect time to start.

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Screen shot 2012-03-14 at 3.31.20 AM

Everything But The Floral Blazers.

Chloe Orange Three Pocket Blazer $1895 // 3.1 Phillip Lim Rolled Sleeve Silk Blazer $625 // Steven Alan Renada Double-Breasted Silk Blazer $180

Records are being broken people and the 2012 Olympics haven’t begun yet.  I know some of us can’t help but getting into a fashion trend like it’s the latest dance craze, but if there is one trend that needs to be put to rest or avoided by all means, it’s the floral blazer.

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Video: Being Creative With Fashion Basics

Most of us aren’t twins so why walk around dressed like you are?  With great, fashionable pieces now at major retailers, its almost impossible not to purchase similar items, but how can you take fashion basics and make them your own.  Check out my video showing how I took a trench, footless tights, and some rings to make them my own.

Similar trench coats here and here

ASOS Midi Body-Conscious Dress With Short Sleeve $27

Forever 21 Modern Contrast Bangles $6.80 set of 4

Topshop Thread Cube Pendant Necklace $25

ASOS PETAL Platform Peep Toe Heels  $32.23

If you can’t make it to a trimming store you can still rock these babies.


Screen shot 2012-02-22 at 2.20.14 PM

The Fashion Blooms Will Come Out Tomorrow.

Bloom Town – Sharif Hamza captures spring’s trend of floral prints with a colorful story featured in W Magazine’s March issue. Garbed in pieces from the likes of Christopher Kane, Dolce & Gabbana and Alexander Wang selected by fashion editor Giovanna Battaglia, modelsPatricia van der Vliet and Emily Baker wow in the feminine frocks against a market place setting.”

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