Focus On My Eyes.

The larger than life, Editor At Large for Vogue Japan Anna Dello Russo and photographer Giampaolo Sgura serves us over the top Glam on the heads for March’sVogue Nippon.

Model Karmen Pedaru is our the Diva, wearing looks from Spring 2011 designers like Gucci, Pucci and my favorite, Alexander McQueen.  Wouldn’t surprise me if Anna tested these looks out on herself first, lucky woman she is!

Karen Pedaru by Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Nippon March 2011

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Forms Of Transportation For Louboutin Spring 2011.

I remember seeing a post on, last year with images from photographer’s Khuong Nguyen featuring some  rebellious, breakable, wildlife and rabbit hole  Christian Louboutins‘  heels for Fall 2010.  The red-sole designer, decided to bring the photographer back, so Nguyen can show us how the chic Louboutins will arrive Spring 2011.

Don’t think they’re going to arrive at our doorsteps like this.

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Buildup to A Stroking Mess.

After being sick & stuck indoors for almost 5 days, I couldn’t wait to just to do something my first day back functioning close to normal. I took my Bamboo Pen to pad and stroked away the frustration of living in this bitter cold, harsh city right now, and trying to look forward to the Spring season again. A great distraction would be my A-Z for Spring.  O for Orange, one down 25 more letters to go.

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