Definition of The Mad Hatter: Philip Treacy

Henrik Vibskov Hat

My obsession of hats lately has gone to the extreme. From the Henrik Vibskov number that a friend of mine referred to as my swiss cheese, to a top hat which makes me taller by six inches.  It’s my hatty watty moment that will soon pass, but until then, I might as well continue on my extreme hat high.

If you were to look into that special picture dictionary we all talk about, under the phrase Mad Hatter, guess who’s photo will be there.  Alice can keep hers in Wonderland because Phillip Treacy trumped the fairy tale a long time ago.

Grace Jones wearing Philip Treacy

Nick Knight and Ruth Hogben collaborated with Philip Treacy to celebrate the attitudes and fabulous fashion Mr. Treacy showcased in September 2012 during London Fashion Week.  The result is a video titled Hatstand staring Grace Bol working the amazing headwear created by the M.H of fashion.

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The Bag Guide Video From Net-A-Porter.

My form of movie night lately has been watching reruns of All On The Line on my DVR (can’t delete the first season yet) or  browsing some of my favorite videos on and, but after catching up on the digital magazines from, it looks as though I have to add  add Net-A-Porter TV to my viewing options.  Just came across this video that got me giddy, the same way I would for a action movie teaser, with surround sound!  Tissue to wipe my tears of excitement and press REPLAY to watch Chloe, Miu Miu and MCQueen duke it out.


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Refined Rebel And Beauty Thanks to Nick Knight.

Its been quite some time since I’ve created a video for my blog. Might of been because there hasn’t been much of anything that motivated me.  Not until I came across a fashion spread in Vogue UK magazine last month that Nick Knight created. For those who don’t know about this brilliant mind, Mr. Knight, he is the director of the famous fashion film website

I hope this video does his work justice.

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