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Red Shoes For All Year Round.

As many of you know, I look at Valentine’s Day and the days leading up to this day of “love” as the perfect time for me to grab deals on candy, clothes and lingerie!  Love me 365 days baby but, on Valentine’s Day, let me love myself with some shopping!

This year my love goes towards dressing my feet in some red stuff.  I found great styles that works for everyone, and deals for those who don’t want to spend a ton on some red heels.  Red heels will be a good way to incorporate some pop-of-color into your outfit, just make sure that when you buy these sexy heels, that you know how to walk in them.  You do not want to bring attention to your flaws with some red, because you will be talked about by people, like me!

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romeo style men valentine 8

Seeing Red On Valentine’s Day And After.

“What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?”  The question that I always give a long pause before answering, just to stop myself from giving a smartie pants response to the person dumb enough to ask.  Since when is V-Day a national holiday that should be discussed like I’m taking the day off? Somehow, it is expected that if you’re dating, you have to have some special love plans on Valentine’s Day. So, let me respond to that question the only way I know how.

Question: What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?

My Answer: “Shopping and eating.”

When I’m in a relationship, my man knows to show the love 365 days a year. I dont care for all that lovey dovey stuff on V-Day, but I do care about taking advantage of the specials and customized V-Day fashion pieces I could get, sometimes at a discount price!  Red clothes don’t do it for me, but some pop of red in the form of accesories and shoes are lookers. So I’ve found some pieces for us that dont scream “Valentine’s Day Junkie,” but are easy enough on the eyes and can be worn over and over again.
Now for the eating part.  Mama raised no fool, Valentine’s Day candy overload.


Hubba Hubba Fashion: Make Me Drool Polyvore.

One of my favorites sites, Polyvore, makes me feel like a Fashion Editor, Style Advisor and Professional Shopper all in one.  Love to browse the site, and stare at what others, like myself, get very creative with their collages and what inspires them.  I wanted to share a couple that caught my eye over the week.
After look through these, you will see why the Professional Shopper position has already been taken!

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Hubba Hubba Fashion: Meet Stealing or Dealing.

Loeffler Randall Piera Metal Tip Flats

I was away last week spending time with friends in Florida and getting some of my Christmas shopping out of the way. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to do my weekly lust list and deal finds.  This week I’ve decided to merge Hubba Hubba Friday and Stealing or Dealing together for the Holidays.  This is just a teaser of more to come Monday.  I’ll look for some last minute finds for all of us.  I know that I’m forgetting someone from my list!
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gilty pic 1

A Gilt Trial.

Kalyca Romeo has been found GILTY on fourteen counts in the last six months. Each one due to spending money she shouldn’t have. Before sentencing would she like to make a statement?

“This site I avoided for months before becoming a member.  Walking around to find the great shopping deals was a trill by itself,  why would I trade that for something as easy as a click of the mouse?  The personal email invite one needs to become a member of Gilt.com stayed in my inbox for almost a year. There are some people out here who would of rung my neck for not joining immediately after receiving that special email, but it just wasn’t the right time for me or maybe I prolonging the inevitable.   I didn’t realize what was to be become of life until that infamous day.

Membership confirmed in March 2010 and there was no turning back.

At noon on some days, right after getting to work my phone is the only thing I would stare at. The first fix, a bodysuit and a top with a lace back. The second order place would be when I got the great High.  A pair of sneakers, not just any pair of sneakers, but UES sneakers. Selling price $49. Original retail $180.  I’m not much of a sneaker wearer, but having a pair comes in handy every once in a while,  nothing less than a cool pair would do.

The sneakers arrived on my birthday and they were beautiful! Included in my package was a black card. Not the type I can swipe. (That dream didn’t come thru yet.) A black card with gold lettering that stated, ” Thank you for your purchase. Alexis + Alexandra – The  founders.”  A total of  14 of these black thank you cards have resulted from the list of purchases for several pieces of jewelry, a watch, a dress and skirt, two more pairs of shoes, skin-care, books, luggage and others that don’t come to mind now.

The reason that I’m on trial is that my Gilt pleasure has gone too far. The designers that put me over the edge were Alexander Wang’s $9 tank tops $59 tank dresses, then Guillaume Hinfray’s $200 pair of shoes all in my cart  on that unfaithful day.  I kept going back to my cart to monitor my items and hold them hostage for the maximum amount of time allowed. I exceeded  my time limit of 10 minutes at least 5 times in less than an hour and a half . Now for some people this doesn’t seem too bad, but I committed these crimes two days after starting my fall shopping in Soho, NYC.  My credit card was screaming bloody murder, yet I went in adding to my Gilt cart.  The only thing that saved me from losing it all,  another website  and sounds words from a recovering shopaholic.   My friend, who will remain anonymous, told me that I can get my fix for less. The saving site that day, was Endless.com. It’s the only reason I can stand in front of this Gilt jury with money still in my pocket. So when you sentence me Alexis + Alexandra, know that to avoid losing the roof over my head literally, I must take a break from making purchases on your website.  The visits will continue from my Iphone to let you know that I’m still around and every once in awhile, I’ll put something in the cart, but my daily visits will have to stops.  Thank you for hearing me.”

Fashion Christmas Gave To Me.

Scratch his list, no need to check it twice. I’ll tell you Santa, been a bit naughty but a lot of nice. Bearded man, when you come to town, look at my lists, to avoid my frowns.

That’s the beautiful thing about Christmas, lusting after more, just might get you more under the Christmas tree.
When there are so many options, narrowing down to a few becomes hard, so why not share some of my favorites, which may help others on their Christmas adventures.

On the Twelfth Day Of Christmas

On the Twelfth Day Of Christmas by romeostyle featuring leather satchels

Oasis Casual Satchel
$83 - asos.com

See My Twelve Days of Christmas on Polyvore

Riding Into The Sunset.

Beatrix Ong Picadilly Croc Boot $698 on Farfetch.com

Another shopping job that I couldn’t refuse!  Professional dancer turn UN employee, Marysa Dayton, is on the hunt for a cool pair of riding boots.  Not a very simple style of  boot, but still a bit classic.  A pair of riding boots that she can wear for years to come and still look chic every time she puts them on, There is one detail I have to pay attention to for Marysa, she has slim legs, therefore her boots should not be too loose or have a wide opening.  My sister, who is also on the slender side, had a nightmare finding a pair of riding boots earlier in the year until I saved her, so helping Marysa should be a bit easier second time around.

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