New Ways To Love The Colors In Your Life.


If you’re just about to board onto the color-blocking train or have been working your way to those train steps, it would be best if you throw yourself off now or let this one go by.  Cause this trend, has gone into overkill territory like the florals all day everyday trend.

I of all people shouldn’t be saying such things, after all blocking those colors up down and all around has been a styling favorite of mine for years now.  Years I say, so I know when it’s time to let go of something for awhile, just to make space for something new, the technicolor way of dressing.

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Monday Men Style: No Socks Allowed.

These fashionable guys are such teases, don’t you agree?  Last year, the shorts cool men wore gave us views of their legs, some hairy, some shaved, some adorned with tattoos.  This year the shorts are still around, but the sighting seems to be few and far between.

Now the well-dressed men are making us feel as though the legs are forbidden parts of their bodies are only a glimpse will do.  They’re not shredding their jeans  or rocking cutouts, oh no, our masculine toys have decided only the lil bit will do, like we’re in living in the 1920s where men and women thought ankles were enough.  Stingy fellas aren’t they?

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Spring Trends For Thirty Days: T-Strapping Done Right.

From left to right: Kors Michael Kors Ruby $225 // REED KRAKOFF Suede, leather and acetate sandals $750 // Rachel Zoe ‘Parton’ Platform Sandal $325

T marks the spot. These well-placed strappy heels first hit the streets, and parties during the 1920s, and have resurfaced, plus reinterpreted almost every decade since then.  This year the shoe style has made a strong return with chic and sophisticated styles,  making it the winner for the sexiest shoe trend this spring/summer. A little extra material can go a long way.

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