Styling Tips: The Velvet and Fur Effect.

Velvet to the touch. The luxurious fabric has resurfaced this year, and I favor it’s use during the holiday season for our party looks.  It’s also a good way to get the one you love to be touchy feely all night long.

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Styling Tips: New Kind of Party Looks

Full head-to-toe sequins, no more. Glitter on the face, a bit childish.

Sparkle on the feet, so two years ago.  With all the sequins and sparkle being the new black during the holiday season, it’s time for some of us to take a leap of fashion fate and try new looks in order to stand out from the sequins-embellished crowd that will surround most of us at every holiday gathering we’ll be attending.  Actually make a game out of it, how many sequins pieces of clothes can you spot in a month?

So for the entire week check out the tips that you do you justice!


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