Designer Looks Created From Resort 2013 Collections.

Resort 2013 collections have my attention today.  These pieces are available for pre-ordering on Moda Operandi just for a couple of days. If you miss it, no worries, there is a change you may able to purchase them in a couple months, but there is a #StyleTip to accompany these goodies.

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No More Playing Dressed Up: Resort 2013 Collections.

You know the feeling after you’ve seen an entire collection from a particular designer or design house, you find yourself  getting a bit emotional over a couple of pieces that caught your eye, and then it becomes embedded into your mind like a virus that’s only cure is you owning those must-have fashion loves of your life.

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Men on Fashion: Hated It Or Three Snaps

My gosh, we fashion people will find any reasons to buy new clothes. Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter, Couture, Ready-To-Wear and collaborative collections are not enough. We have to include Resort.

With Spring/Summer 2012 fashion shows upon us very soon, I wanted to go back and see what we may expect from some fashion labels with their Resort 2012 pieces.  I can’t say collection for most of them, since a pajama set shouldn’t be put into a collection.  Some resort collections were beautiful, maybe great additions to one’s wardrobe, while others were boring, not needed or just too expensive. But this is after all Resort, geared towards the rich who can afford to buy new clothes specifically for traveling to warmer climates during the winter months.  Keep my last sentence in mind when you see some of the clothes below.

As I started to review, some designers’ creations stood out for all the wrong reasons, while others did have me wishing I had a sugar daddy!  It didn’t help that while my eyes were glued to the computer screen watching models look as though they just woke up to take quick pictures,  in the background,  In Living Color’s sketch”Men On” reruns were on television. You know where this is going.

For those who have no idea who these overly fabulous, extravagant, uniquely dressed, cultural critics were, here is a video clip of Blaine Edwards (Damon Wayans) and Antoine Merriweather (David Alan Grier), hard at work.

My imagination started to get the best of me,  what would Blaine and Antoine say about what some designers showed us for Resort 2012?


Three Words To Describe this Collection WON-DER-FUL.  Modern day Cinderella who can beat Prince Charming’s butt if he ever lost her glass slipper.

Hated It
Alexander Wang: This collection should of been called slip and slide at your own expense.

Hated It

3.1 Phillip Lim: If you’re looking for clothes to hide the holiday weight gain expected this is the line.  The louder the print the less everyone will focus on … everything else.

Fruit be gone, please be gone.

Mulberry: Having fruits printed with big eyes, is that what we want to see on our sweaters when it 35 degrees in January?  And the dog?

Things That Make Me Go Hmmmm.
Stella McCartney: Now if I ever  had to be put into a straight jacket, this is what it should look like.  Plus the idea is to go some place warm and enjoy the view not wear it on a jumper that, that… lost for words here.

A.L.C Loved it. Think those initials should have new meanings.  All Love Classy. or All Love Classic, maybe All Like Clean.  Whatever meanings we come up with, let’s see these initials next season for Spring/Summer 2012. Likey!

Not Loved but Lusted For

Herver Leger by Max Azria: Anything to suck us in, make us look slim and sexy after the holidays will be needed.  It’s a shame that other designers weren’t so kind to us.

Hated It

Acne: Why should we wear, a dress over a pair of pants then a jacket over the dress.  Isn’t the whole idea of resort to leave the cold places, go someplace hot and look sexy with barely anything on?  Ohh we get it, cover up the goods or else someone may take them….

Hated It

Celine: Though it was the crazy scientist , keeping Dick Tracy trapped in the Secret Garden that has gone mad.

Loved It
Valentino:  Lace me up before you go go. Just my type of peek-a-boo coverage.
Zac Posen: This one deserves 4 snaps in Z formation.  We got white for clean don’t touch me attitude, black to show only the good parts, not the bad or ugly, and red for hot, sexy take me now.  Good pieces to let everyone know you have it, and you’re flaunting it in their faces.
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