Poor Man Resort

My title does contradict itself.  Resort collections were meant for those who had the money to buy clothes just for that short period of time after the new year, while they luxuriated on a tropical island somewhere or at their home away home.  Now, resort collections have been added to designers’ calender of yearly fashion presentations and where there is a trend, there will be an opportunity to get a deal on it!

Most of us don’t have the luxury of traveling for two weeks, three weeks or even for an entire month without working, but we may try to take vacations during the coldest months of the year so why not look the part without spending to much?  At the same time, who said some resort pieces cannot be worn during the spring/summer?

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Designer Looks Created From Resort 2013 Collections.

Resort 2013 collections have my attention today.  These pieces are available for pre-ordering on Moda Operandi just for a couple of days. If you miss it, no worries, there is a change you may able to purchase them in a couple months, but there is a #StyleTip to accompany these goodies.

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No More Playing Dressed Up: Resort 2013 Collections.

You know the feeling after you’ve seen an entire collection from a particular designer or design house, you find yourself  getting a bit emotional over a couple of pieces that caught your eye, and then it becomes embedded into your mind like a virus that’s only cure is you owning those must-have fashion loves of your life.

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