Hubba Hubba Fashion: Island Gal

Most of us have stood on an island at some point in our lives. A Caribbean island, Staten Island, the island of Manhattan and my new favorite, island platforms.  Having good balance and wanting to tower over everyone else around you are reasons enough to own some island platforms heels.   These type of islands come in pairs and cost much less than what some celebs paid for their piece of private land to walk on.

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Ohh My Mary Janes.

Louis Vuitton

A recent visit to JCrew resulted in me trying on a special pair of shoes, their Mona patent leather mary jane heels. No more than 5 seconds after the last button was in place I had a flashback which can only be compared to food critic, Anton Ego’s, childhood memory in the movie Ratatouille. My very first MJ’s (not Marc Jacobs) were flat, patent leather, and black.  Worn with white lace-trimmed socks to church, they were the shoes that made me feel like a little princess, and were part of my first few outfits I put together that didn’t require my mother’s help.  Who can forget the first shinny thing that made them feel special?!

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Everything But A Dress To A Wedding.

Jumpsuit love

For 2014 wedding looks, minus the dresses, click here.

What to wear to a wedding without having to wear a dress? How do you avoid that skirted one-piece without looking casual or not put-together for that special event you’re been invited to? I tackled this question last year with a couple of clients, and now with another season of I Do’s to tackle we are trying to stick out of the crowd in all the right ways.

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Video: Being Creative With Fashion Basics

Most of us aren’t twins so why walk around dressed like you are?  With great, fashionable pieces now at major retailers, its almost impossible not to purchase similar items, but how can you take fashion basics and make them your own.  Check out my video showing how I took a trench, footless tights, and some rings to make them my own.

Similar trench coats here and here

ASOS Midi Body-Conscious Dress With Short Sleeve $27

Forever 21 Modern Contrast Bangles $6.80 set of 4

Topshop Thread Cube Pendant Necklace $25

ASOS PETAL Platform Peep Toe Heels  $32.23

If you can’t make it to a trimming store you can still rock these babies.


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