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A Sharing Is Caring Moment: Little Black Jacket

Little Black Jacket 10Little Black Jacket 5

For every man, woman, child, grandmother and Kanye West there is Chanel.  Last year Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld joined forces to create a project titled “The Little Black Jacket.”  Mr. Largerfeld was photographer who snapped 100 different musicians, actors, designers, models, and stylists all wearing Chanel’s iconic black jacket styled differently on every single person.  The fashion project resulted in a video, a world touring exhibition, and a coffee table book.

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Monday Men Style: Before There Was Color.


I have a new toy in my possession, it’s black, a bit heavy, expands with a turn and shows me something new ever time I play with it.  I’ve upgraded from my Sony click and shoot digital camera, to a Canon click and snap snap snap dslr camera. I’m paparazzi now ma!  Its my first dslr, and still breaking my baby in. With all the new features I’ve been getting familiar with, I just can’t stop snapping photos in black and white.  Without color, a photo can becomes timeless, mature not old.  You can’t help but focus more on story being told over the pretty colors that may distract you.

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Tell Me My Creative Friends.

Birds of a feather flock together. That couldn’t be truer than the people I’m friends with on facebook.  Besides my family, most of my facebook friends have something to do with the arts, mostly fashion.  They either create, illustration, capture, sell it or wear it very well. We all have this common ground than keeps us going back for more every season, month, week, and day.

I couldn’t think of a better group of people to ask my fashion related questions.

Question to all: Whose personal style has influenced your own?

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Monday Men Style: Q&A With Glen Graham.

It’s always nice to see someone you’ve known for years grow, and evolve into a person who can teach, and inspire others in this creative industry we love.  Glen Graham, Photographer and Videographer, is designing an entirely new category with the style of videos he creates and photographs he snaps, all the while maintaining his double looker presence.  Definition: A person who’s irresistible or alluring head to toe look that can have me swiftly turn my head twice towards his or her direction in less than 5 seconds, deserves the Double Looker Title.

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Picture Time: Angy’s Tea Room.

The fashion magazines have been put on hold this week and the blogs have all my attention.  Street-style looks are much more inspiring, random and realistic. Women being photographed are taking some garments, shoes or accessories that I, myself may own or know, and mixing them with high-end fashion from Fendi or Dior ,which is something you can see happening very rarely on the glossy pages.

One of my favorite fashion street-style websites is Angy’s Team Room.  From what I can see, the founder of the blog Angelica Ardasheva, starting about a year ago and while going through the archives you can see how much she has grown as a photographer.  Her angles  and quality of photographs have gotten better and more details of the street-stylers, captured for us to stare at.

I will be doing a short interview with Angelica Ardasheva soon, but until then I wanted to share some of her work with you guys.

Food for thought  magazines, if you need to know where your readers have gone, just look to streets.

Photos via Angy’s Tea Room