All Boxed Up Ready For Show.

I call these my fashion lego pieces.  Beautiful empty boxes, some covered in leather, or suede others embroidered or bejeweled.   Let’s continue with calling them minaudiere. Said out loud it sounds like” me-no-dare” which is a suiting name for these hard-case box clutches, the new must-have hand stuffers literally beating the oversized, soft envelope clutches we’ve been carrying throughout the summer months.  Minaudiere clutches forces us to edit down only to the essentials we can fit into a 6″ box.   Ohh the tough decisions we must make, the lipstick or the BB cream?

Now let’s play lego with some minaudieres that range in prices and looks.

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New Ways To Love The Colors In Your Life.


If you’re just about to board onto the color-blocking train or have been working your way to those train steps, it would be best if you throw yourself off now or let this one go by.  Cause this trend, has gone into overkill territory like the florals all day everyday trend.

I of all people shouldn’t be saying such things, after all blocking those colors up down and all around has been a styling favorite of mine for years now.  Years I say, so I know when it’s time to let go of something for awhile, just to make space for something new, the technicolor way of dressing.

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