Monday Men Style: Holiday Crooners with Style

nat king cole frank sinatra dean martin

They just don’t sing it like they use to. Timeless Christmas carols are from the legends, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, and the king with the smoothest voice of them all, Nat King Cole.

It comes as no surprise that these gents who made millions of people feel the holiday spirit with their voices, were snappy dressers.

Not all Christmas gifts should come wrapped in pretty paper and delivered by a man a red suit and red hat. A man dressed in a button-down white shirt and a fedora tiled to the side,  singing “White Christmas” would be a gift by itself. Preferably I’ll be L.A or Miami and the snow would be from a machine.

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Monday Men Style: They Did Something Special To Me Part 1.

Before you guys take it to another level, wondering how special, lets keep it clean.  There are always going to be men around us who have had some form of impact on our lives, be it positive or negative male influencers, or future baby daddies in our heads!

Who doesn’t want to surround themselves with wise, strong, confident men?  Hold up I’ve encountered a few unsavory, unfavorable characters in my life, therefore those would go into my negative box. Can’t say that that particular box is going to be locked forever, but it sure does get opened less with each passing month.  Ohh wisdom is a beautiful thing.

So let me focus on the other boxes like a teen who collects Bop Magazine a woman who stacks those GQ magazines for the articles, and well-dressed men of influence, power, and swagga. Muah.

I figure I’ll start this off with some musicians who’ve had me singing, crying, quoting, preaching, and walking like I’m a supermodel to their lyrics, and sounds.

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