Monday Men Style: It Takes Two.

Not the typical couple, but partners in street-style crimes.  We so often see those street-style photos, that focuses on the lonely walker, detailing the pieces of that everyday model being photographed, but when there are two people that just so happen to be walking in sync while wearing looks that compliment each other, those would be fashion twinies!  It’s easier to get men unintentionally working together to give us modern day Paul Newman & Robert Redford moments.

Sometimes its the suited couple, sunnies mates, the double blue moments, the soleful pairs… in pairs, and two smiles are better than one.

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Monday Men Style: Well Suited.

I know you guys are visual creatures, so just like in school, pay attention to the picture.  Even though this guide is focusing on how a suit should fit, use this image as reference next time to decide to get a tailored blazer, or pants, a tux, anything on your back that you’ll like to make an impression with.

How a Suit Should Fit by Primer Magazine

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Monday Men Style: From The Wrist Up Part Two.

It’s all Common’s fault.  I was just minding my online business, searching for inspiration and I got more than I expected.  This photo.

Simple and direct, yet sexy and, and… look at those forearms!  

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