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Monday Men Style: Boys and Bikes

menstyle men and bikes 2014 _q

menstyle men and bikes 2014 _k

Since my last bicycle post, displaying how some lads look while doing drive-bys on their two-wheelers, I’ve received agreeable, winking feedback from my fellow gawkers about the images shared last year.  With spring and summer in the near future,we can look forward to more men pedaling around on their eco-friendly two-wheelers, parading us how cool, calm and bloody well-dressed they’ll be, letting us appreciate their bodies-of-work on sunny days.

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Monday Men Style: My Kind of Santa

Monday Men Style Ken Santa Claus 14

Monday Men Style Ken Santa Claus 18

Imagine Santa in his heydays with the beard and mustache, before he settled down at the North Pole. Imagine him being a city man, walking and biking instead of having to rely on reindeers to carry him around. I see the cause of his weight gain.

Imagine Santa before he meet Mrs. Claus being the man who preferred naughty over nice and didn’t wait to kiss under any mistletoes.

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