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Monday Men Style: My Kind of Santa

Monday Men Style Ken Santa Claus 14

Monday Men Style Ken Santa Claus 18

Imagine Santa in his heydays with the beard and mustache, before he settled down at the North Pole. Imagine him being a city man, walking and biking instead of having to rely on reindeers to carry him around. I see the cause of his weight gain.

Imagine Santa before he meet Mrs. Claus being the man who preferred naughty over nice and didn’t wait to kiss under any mistletoes.

Imagine Santa not looking anything like someone who should be called Old Saint Nick, but will be called Saint of my…. You finish that sentence how you see fit after feasting your eyes on the the Ken Claus finalists of 2013.  Continue reading “Monday Men Style: My Kind of Santa” »

Monday Men Style: Velvet To The Touch

men style velvet looks

As if men couldn’t get any smoother.

It’s been weeks since I’ve shared my love of men and their stylish wicked ways. Now to come back just in time to see the rougher of the two sexes get into the holiday spirit, lets take some time to admire those who are man enough to wear a smoother softer side on their shoulders, feet or around their necks. Continue reading “Monday Men Style: Velvet To The Touch” »

Monday Men Style: Shady Boys

It’s the one accessory men have no problems buying several of and wearing throughout the year.  A sartorial man never leaves the house without a pair of sunglasses to protect his peepers from the sun, plus hide his eyes while committing other sinful things behind those pieces of plastic framed like they were made for just for them.

romeostyle shady boys 7


romeostyle shady boys  2


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Monday Men Style: Some Veins and Ink.

men style forearm beauty 13

men style forearm beauty 5

Fall nights will be upon us in no time and those long sleeves the boys have been rolling up to the elbows will be unrolled and buttoned to the wrist.  Many of us have used the hairy forearms with defining veins to helps us figure out which men work out and which don’t. Very soon they’ll be hidden.  Those sexy wrists covered with tattoos, watches, brass bracelets or whatever they call man jewelry, will be covered-up until next year.    Continue reading “Monday Men Style: Some Veins and Ink.” »

Monday Men Style: Looks Like They Smell of Roses.

men style floral boys

Men in floral shirts have gone beyond the Hawaiian prints of yesterday. The flowers on fabric are being worn so tastefully on today’s avante-garde gents some striped and plaid-obsessed fellas should started rethinking their definition of masculine prints.  When I think about it, those who dare to wear florals prints appear to be more confident in their own sense of style more than those men who’s biggest fashion statement has been wearing the color pink.  Continue reading “Monday Men Style: Looks Like They Smell of Roses.” »

Monday Men Style: Two Wheelers

menstyle two wheeler 10

Fell in love with a wheelie boy.  Fell in love with several of those wheelie boys while in Europe.  It was the first time I used a bicycle as my only form of transportation, and when you’re waiting at a traffic light devoted just for cyclists one cannot help but admire the male companions waiting next to you.  Ever since then, I’ve been thankful for the sudden surge of green transporation in the New York City.  Men are putting themselves on display at speeds of 20 mphot damn!

Sometimes a bicycle is that oversized accessory that completes a man’s look. Continue reading “Monday Men Style: Two Wheelers” »

Monday Men Style: Take Away The Color

menstyle black and white 10menstyle black and white 3


We get bombarded everyday on social media, fashion websites, and movies with images in color and it’s variations. High definition, 3D, or Sierra, Brooklyn or 1977 filters.  We often forget the simplistic beauty of black and white photographs, Continue reading “Monday Men Style: Take Away The Color” »

Men Style: Fashion Imitation Is The Sincerest…

If I were a boy

SheInside Green Fur Hooded Drawstring Coat $69 // Topshop Knitted Jumper $76 // Topshop Moto Black Skinny Leigh Jeans $76 // Topshop Two Tone Zigzag Snood $32 // Swell Brixton Count Hat $75

I’ve been browsing through street-style photographs of the men stomping around during men’s fashion week in Paris for two weeks now.  Scrolling through the photos like a teen cyber-stalking her favorite boy band. Continue reading “Men Style: Fashion Imitation Is The Sincerest…” »

Monday Men Style: Less Color To Inspire

I love me some color, from my printed head-wraps, to kelly green keds worn throughout the year, but sometimes stepping away from the color explosions is a good way to see stories beyond the colorful smoking mirrors.  I’m approaching it the same way one would when visiting a perfume emporium.   If testing several fragrances, smelling coffee beans in between will help you reset your sniffer.  I’m reseting my blinkers with some black & white photos which inspire me.

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