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Monday Men Style: Lapels Sitting Pretty

men style adorned  chests 13

men style adorned  chests

It’s all on the chest baby. Be it for sultry, professional, envious or deliberately diverting attention from another part of the body to the chest, we ladies use necklaces, chokers, even brooches to draw all types of attention to our chests for various reasons.

Our male counterparts may not use jewels as much as the ladies, but when it comes to drawing attention to their chests, men sure know how to make small pieces of fabric like neckties with embroidered details, cloth-covered pins, and handkerchiefs, give gems a run for their money.

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Monday Men Style: Giving Us A Run For Our Prints


menstyle prints on men 7
Not too long ago, the only printed fabric you would see on gents would be the handkerchief in their square pockets or a button-down shirt for vacation.
Now, with every new fashion season, the male population fighting for their printed rights are increasing.

I’m in full support of this movement, for selfish reasons of course.  A man comfortable in his own sexuality will be the one to wear a placement-print short sleeve shirt or a silk  Jacquard print jacket; garments that I will happily borrow, and he will wisely let me do it.

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Monday Men Style: Boys and Bikes

menstyle men and bikes 2014 _q

menstyle men and bikes 2014 _k

Since my last bicycle post, displaying how some lads look while doing drive-bys on their two-wheelers, I’ve received agreeable, winking feedback from my fellow gawkers about the images shared last year.  With spring and summer in the near future,we can look forward to more men pedaling around on their eco-friendly two-wheelers, parading us how cool, calm and bloody well-dressed they’ll be, letting us appreciate their bodies-of-work on sunny days.

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