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Monday Men Style: Beyond Their Sunday Best

monday men bright pieces 21

monday men bright pieces 10

There are parades all around the world for Easter Sunday showcasing how creative and colorful people were with their attire and accessories.  I can appreciate the effort made by all, but I take special interest in the men that gave us their Sunday best. The suits, shirts, pants worn by some men this Easter weekend made some mothers proud and children jealous since grown men had more eyes on them, stealing attention from the little ones.

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Monday Men Style: Blue Man Crew

menstyle blue man crew 7

menstyle blue man crew 8

Last year, for my birthday, I sent a request to friends to dress in their woven best and serve me their fiercest Canadian Tux look. A blue crew collection of photos would have been the visual gift to cherish, and with so many brilliant, creative people around me, the result would have been the sickest collage, and time stamp for all to reflect on.

Unfortunately the collage never happened, due to the fact that less than a handful of my peeps shared with me their Canadian best and getting creative people to do anything, much less anything in a timely fashion, is a mission impossible for even Tom Cruise to accomplish.

Since my project is still “pending,” I’ve had to move on to other head-to-hem blue getups, and they might as well be the opposite sex wearing very stylish blue-colored ensembles better than they would tailored suits on a Sunday!

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Monday Men Style: Love A Backview

menstyle backview 19

menstyle backview

Hate to see you go but love to watch you leave. Love to watch the broad strong backs holding up the jackets that I may need to take in, the backpacks that I’ve deemed unisex or some cool hats that are big enough to stuff my afro under.     Continue reading “Monday Men Style: Love A Backview” »

Monday Men Style: Gloved Ones

menstyle gloved ones 5

menstyle gloved ones 6

Having ten fingers covered in so much style, or having gloves covering ten fingers that need to be manicured. That’s the thing about dressing certain parts of the body well, it can hide a problem area or showcase a part of your body that you’ll like to get a lot of attention.
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Monday Men Style: No Color In The Stars