Monday Men Style: Pitti Sung The Blues

menstyle pitti ss2015_24

The fashionable men at Pitti Uomo Spring/Summer 2015 bleed blue onto the streets of Italy a few days ago.  There were light-blue three pieces suits, navy print shirts, polka-dot socks, and electric-blue eyewear, all giving gents the right to overload on this versatile hue rather than the expected shaders, better know as gray, white or black.   It’s time for the blues to make us feel real good!

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Monday Men Style: Clothes Talkers

menstyle clothes talkers 7

Say it loud say it proud with your clothes gents!  There are stories to be shared and since we now talk through our phones, some men are letting their clothes do all the talking, literally.  Traveled the world, your hats will let us know the jet-set life you live. You have a naughty side, share it proudly on your organic tee. You feel the need show your love for fashion houses, phrases favorite flowers or numbers, your broad backs can hold up the weight of as many embroidered patches your jackets or backpacks have space for.

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Monday Men Style: Clutches Game

menstyle clutches 3

menstyle clutches 21Ten years ago, a “manly man” wouldn’t be caught dead, drunk, or high clutching a anything that remotely looked like a purse.  A women getting her boyfriend or husband to hold such things for her was harder than getting them to go the ballet.  I know that men would like to make it look as though they’ve evolved on the fashion front, and they’re getting in touch with their metro-sexual sides; that’s crap. Ladies we wore them downnnnn.

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