Monday Men Style: Giving Us A Run For Our Prints


menstyle prints on men 7
Not too long ago, the only printed fabric you would see on gents would be the handkerchief in their square pockets or a button-down shirt for vacation.
Now, with every new fashion season, the male population fighting for their printed rights are increasing.

I’m in full support of this movement, for selfish reasons of course.  A man comfortable in his own sexuality will be the one to wear a placement-print short sleeve shirt or a silk  Jacquard print jacket; garments that I will happily borrow, and he will wisely let me do it.

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Monday Men Style: Clutches Game

menstyle clutches 3

menstyle clutches 21Ten years ago, a “manly man” wouldn’t be caught dead, drunk, or high clutching a anything that remotely looked like a purse.  A women getting her boyfriend or husband to hold such things for her was harder than getting them to go the ballet.  I know that men would like to make it look as though they’ve evolved on the fashion front, and they’re getting in touch with their metro-sexual sides; that’s crap. Ladies we wore them downnnnn.

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