Monday Men Style: Clique Pageants

menstyle clique awards

Men on display one after the other, and all we can do is stare at the beautiful creatures they are in bulk?  We don’t usually see groups of men hanging out socially unless it involves sports, or in a meeting or minds on the field… no just sports. Unfortunately men who attend those athletic games in groups, usually don’t look as cool and sexy as those gentlemen who work the global fashion weeks circuit.

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Monday Men Style: A Sharing is Caring Moment

streetstyle men inspired for the ladies


A cool chic summer look that this fellow street-styler created which can made to flatter a woman’s body with the right pieces.

T by Alexander Wang Crepe Blazer $375 // TOPSHOP Sleeveless White Stripe Shirt $50 // J.Crew 9″ chino shorts $35 // Moschino Cheap and Chic – Olive Oil Silk Bandana $79 // FOREVER 21 Metal-Trimmed Crossbody $20 // Need Supply Studio Flats $38


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Monday Men Style:Girls Like What Boys Like

men style girls like

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a “Sharing is Caring” moment on my site.   The saying “happy wife, happy life,” well keeping us happy; the wives, girlfriends, baby mamas or your female soul-mates, my gay friends, isn’t that hard when she sees something that she wants to wear hanging in your closet.  Fashion trends that you stylish gentlemen own, and we ladies just can’t help but borrow, steal or buy just because we can, and men don’t know how to say to no to us!  Actually they’re wise not to, since we gals have been at this dressing game much long before the fellas decided to wear shorter shorts, or an all-white look during the summer.

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Monday Men Style: No Socks Allowed.

These fashionable guys are such teases, don’t you agree?  Last year, the shorts cool men wore gave us views of their legs, some hairy, some shaved, some adorned with tattoos.  This year the shorts are still around, but the sighting seems to be few and far between.

Now the well-dressed men are making us feel as though the legs are forbidden parts of their bodies are only a glimpse will do.  They’re not shredding their jeans  or rocking cutouts, oh no, our masculine toys have decided only the lil bit will do, like we’re in living in the 1920s where men and women thought ankles were enough.  Stingy fellas aren’t they?

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