Monday Men Style: Clutches Game

menstyle clutches 3

menstyle clutches 21Ten years ago, a “manly man” wouldn’t be caught dead, drunk, or high clutching a anything that remotely looked like a purse.  A women getting her boyfriend or husband to hold such things for her was harder than getting them to go the ballet.  I know that men would like to make it look as though they’ve evolved on the fashion front, and they’re getting in touch with their metro-sexual sides; that’s crap. Ladies we wore them downnnnn.

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Monday Men Style: Gloved Ones

menstyle gloved ones 5

menstyle gloved ones 6

Having ten fingers covered in so much style, or having gloves covering ten fingers that need to be manicured. That’s the thing about dressing certain parts of the body well, it can hide a problem area or showcase a part of your body that you’ll like to get a lot of attention.

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Monday Men: The Accessories That Make A Difference.

The days are getting hotter along with the men. Something in the air just makes most of the guys bring their A games beyond the doors of their home. The clothes are cool, haircuts fresh or deliberately messy and toned, muscular bodies are quite evident, then there are the accessories…. Well the guys don’t put much effort into the accessories like us ladies and  that’s ok with me. I’m personally thankful that they’re doing it right in just the attire department, but what if?   What if they were to go the extra mile with the watches they wear, the bags being carried, even the clips they use for keys, wallets etc?
Last week I found some some great photos on Anchor of accessories and bags that I would love to see NYC guys using.  Pieces the guys can use to photograph us ladies, stuff our shopping finds into or clip an extra set of our keys with.
If all else fails, I have no problem rocking all of these accessories, especially the watches. Nothing a watch repair shop can’t make tighter.


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