Goodbye Summer Fashion, Hello Fall Ya’ll Part 1

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The chilly days and nights right now is how we like it, before the harsh cold winter season has us singing the “Brick Days Blues.”

No more bare shoulders and arms while outside at night, and thank goodness for that because I need a mini break from that Tracy Anderson workout.  Out comes the long-sleeves and we shouldn’t be boring nor simple about it.

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Sunnies Honey?

There are certain things we shouldn’t have to say goodbye to once mother nature decides to change her mood season on us. It’s obvious that our love of the framed beauties have grown over time and showing them off for only four months out of the year just will not work.  If some of us have found ways to wear strappy summer heels or platforms in the winter (we’ll share in the near future), then giving some shade while wearing a fall jacket shouldn’t be a bad thing.

All-year-round your eyes need protection, and sunglasses are the perfect accessories to keep you looking stylish.

Now which sunglasses style works for which face?

DS cat eye sunglasses

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I’m Selling Your Winning!

I’ve never been good at letting my clothes go.  I’ll hold on to them much longer magazines, jewelry, my taste for certain dishes or even certain people.   With time, everything changes, and possession of too many objects just becomes… too much. I have only so much storage space in my apartment, and there are certain garments that just have not been getting the proper showtime they deserve. Out with what-was-once-loved, and the best way to do that would be to sell them!  Now I can’t just post photos of these pieces without sharing some styling tips with you, what kind of fashion expert would I be if I didn’t?

yumi kim romper day to night

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