Keeping It Under $100 Xmas: Jewelry Finds.

My female friends are much easier to shop for and please when it comes to their Christmas gifts.  Give them anything that sparkles and their smiles shine brighter than the jewelry.  They all trust me in this department since it’s not just a matter of what I like, but I also take into consideration what will look great on the individual.  Will the jewlry work with their body type and sense of  style?  Can the pieces  I purchase be incorporated into their everyday wardrobe or would they prefer jewelry for those special occasions only?  I visited my two of my favorite sites Endless and Zappos, and found some ideas that should be perfect for any occasion all under $100.00.   Check out some of the pieces below and the websites that I’m sure will help you scratch a couple of people off your Christmas list.

Kendra Scott Earrings $60 to $85 

Longer earring will work best for women who have a short hair cuts or/and  long necks. If you plan on wearing a low neckline the long hanging earrings should compliment the look.

Lee Angel “Safina” Gold Double-Link Bracelets each $60.

These bracelets look as thought they will only get better with time and age.  There are more colors to chose from so making it a friendship bracelet among your girlfriends can work!  Clink these gold bracelets, wrist to wrist while toasting the new years in with your friends!


Kate Spade Earrings

Crystal Court Drop Earrings  $68

Cobblestone Drop Earrings $98

Pearls Grey and Silver Drop Earrings $68

Jewel Blocks Hoop Earrings $78

I can no longer  go to Kate Spade just for my cool IPhone cases.  The jewelry collection for winter had me do double takes.  These will be perfect for the holiday looks you’ll be putting together or maybe the popping piece of jewelry that could be worn with a daytime look. 



House Of Harlow

Evil Eye Charm Disc Necklace $70

1960 14k Yellow Gold Plated Evil Eye Ring $55

Evil Eye Stud Earrings with Pave $60

1960 14k Yellow Gold Plated Charm Bracelet $65

House of Harlow was definitely the standout with a collection of unique, funky pieces that should please the masses.  The bonus is that most items are under the double zeros before the dot! 

Tons more  to chose from on Endless and Zappos. Enjoy!


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