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What A Dream From Bjorg Odyssey

bjorg jewellery DEW_OF_DREAMS_2 bjorg jewellery VALLEY_OF_TEARS

The severed head on the silver platter doesn’t bother me.   Girl cutting her long red hair and naked doesn’t bother me. The model holding an object that looks like a brain doesn’t even phrase me.  What I’m having trouble with is the jewelry feathered in Bjorg’s lookbook didn’t give me a bigger selection pieces to gasp at.  (I am so greedy with food and fashion)

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Stars, Hearts and Christmas


Star light, star bright, the first star I see tonight; I wish I may, I wish I might, that Santa will bring me my Love heart on Christmas night.  As much as we love the materialistic stuff received during the holidays, most of us know that love surpasses all of that.  So of course I had to find a way to get our materialistic needs to meet that all important emotion.  Tuleste Market’s jewelry winter collection throughout the video showcased the perfect union of wishing on some stars to get some love.  Tuleste Market’s heart shaped pieces shows others that sleeves are not the only places we can wear our hearts on.  Also, you don’t have to wait for a falling star to make a wish; adorn your body with a couple of stars and get your wish-on!

Last week I posted some great outfit options we can wear while singing our own version of Christmas carols, then wear again long after we ring in the New Year.  (here, here and here.)  Before the end of the week, there will be more styling tips, but today I wanted to share the video my friend, and videographer Sino Chum of Camko Creative created to show what happens when stars meet hearts.

Stars, Hearts and Christmas from Camko Creative on Vimeo.

For info on some of the looks check out the following:




Deals Galore: Holiday Must Haves.

The parties are in full swing and we’ll continue popping the bubbly well into the early hours of 2013.  Photos will be taken of you with friends and loved ones to remember the fun times during the holiday season, it will be your time to shine like the movie stars so make sure what you’re wearing will be something you’ll want to remember in good taste.  With several requests for help from my friends and clients, I have to share some of my fashion finds which includes must-have pieces that will not only save you some money but can be worn long after the clock strikes 12:00 am on January 1st 2013.

Emilio Pucci Wool and silk-blend tuxedo jacket // Mango Tuxedo Blazer 

Lanvin Bi-colour cigarette case box clutch //  Oasis Patent Korea Box Clutch

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Giving Thanks On Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Open on Thanksgiving!  Several major retailer aren’t waiting for Black Friday or Cyber Monday to get their sell-on and I’m a major supporter of this decision.   I compiled the list below just so that it ‘s easier for us to figure out which sales we can take advantage of and also save your energy for the important stuff during Thanksgiving.  I’m assuming a number of people will shop til they drop then eat the Turkey that’s been cooking for hours, or they can do what I plan on doing,  staying indoors and working out…. my hands.  One hand to clicking the keyboard searching for the best deals and the other hand holding an eating utensil.

Alice and Olivia: Get 20% off sitewide. Offer valid November 21st – November 26th

Ali Ro: Receive up to 70% off online from November 19 through November 26 at checkout.

All Saints: Enjoy 20% off select items. Offer valid November 22nd – November 26th

Alternative Apparel: Get 25% off your purchase and get free shipping with code AABLKFRI

Amrita Singh: Get 50% off sitewide with code BLACK12.

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Earrings on Ears and Chest

My love of fashion does have limits, one of them is altering my body.

-Losing weight to fit into a sample size. Not going to happen since I love food to much and these curves aren’t going anywhere!

-Getting tattoos to document a moment in my life.  I have enough scars and bruises to remind me of those moments don’t need the ink.

-What about piercing my ears to don some earrings.  I like my ears hole free, but that doesn’t mean I can’t wear the earrings! Take it to the clothes my fellow fashion brethren.

Triple Five Soul Vest (similar)// Blaque Label Pleated Neckline Maxi(similar) // Converse Sneakers  //  JJ Winters Croc Envelope Clutch // Vintage Gold Earrings as brooches. (similar, here, here, and here)

With bejeweled clothes, shoes, and any other part where X marks the spot, this Fall/Winter is the perfect season to wear your jewels on your chest.  I look at earrings as brooches that come in pairs.

Isabel Lu Jacket (similar)/   Blaque Label Pleated Neckline Maxi // H&M Scarf (similar) // Zara Ballerina with Jewels // Vintage Colored Stone Earrings as brooches. (similar here and here)

Blaque Label Leather Cape Jacket (similar) // Blaque Label Lace Dress (similar here and here) // Zara Ballerina with Jewels // Vintage Gold earrings as brooches

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Misplaced In The Right Place Part Two.

The night chills are here and it’s time people to Fall in Line. Time to start wearing layered looks, covering certain body parts up, getting our leather on! I reckoned now is the prefect time to feature this video, and photos created months ago with my creative team. I personally like to stay ahead of the fashion trends, test them out, making sure the outfits created are worthy of happy faces.
Time to pose, strut and smile.

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Deals Galore: Givenchy Giving An Earful.

What can a pair of ear ringers do? ASOS XL Flat Hoop Earrings $17

They can reflect sun rays.

They can be used as small plates.

They can be used as weapons, (depends on if you get them off in time to attack otherwise you’re in trouble).

They can be the only pieces of jewelry you need with your outfit.

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Wednesday Watch A Creative Thing Day.

My M. I. F.A (Missing In Fashion Action) status these past few days has been very productive and exciting.  I’ve been busy putting together a fashion editorial with the coolest team; Lindsay Cullen (makeup artist), Meredith Hurd (model), Sino Chum (videographer) and yours truly as stylist and photographer.  Yup I took my Canon out to have some fun on the set this past Sunday, and I have to say with each click and flash, I got better and better.

The four of us had one day to create several mini-fashion stories using fall garments from designers such as Blaque Label, Isabel Lu, JJ Winters, and Muubaa.  No outfit was complete without accessories and a good mix from Laruicci, Tuleste Market, and vintage jewelry made the looks into statement makers which gave me countless options to chose from and in return we worked from sunrise to sunset doing what we love!

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Fashion Spikes

Summer I’m Coming For You, With Spikes And Whistles.

The first official day of summer is June 20th 2012 and the past few days in New York City with temperatures over 80 degrees there will be no transition time just…. just nothing.  I’m decided to start my Will Smith’s “Summertime” dance remix now.  I’m doing it with small doses of pastels and neons, avoiding head-to-toe floral prints like it was the plague, overloading on the bangles so they feel like weights,  rocking short like the boys, maxi skirts dragging like I’m walking the red carpet, and spikes to keep the bad ones three feet away.  Those are just a few of my favorite things. Cue the music!

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danceafrica bazaar 2

Pretty Colors, Pretty People, Pretty Brooklyn.

Jewelry displayed like fruits and vegetables, ladies wearing clothes that like their Sunday best with an Africa twist, food that has you standing in lines like it was the last meal before dead man walking and music so loud that you can’t talk to friends, you can just use hand gestures to communicate. This is what I call Dance Africa Bazaar at Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM).

Every year I try to make it to the festival to buy jewelry, eat food and people watch, but this year I had some help from a new toy to help capture those special moments in colorful time.

Using my Canon Rebel, I snapped away while others we’re busy snapping at me. Thank you fellas (wink), and I got so excite with the process that I did’t do any shopping. Go on gasps, a miracle happened Sunday, but I didn’t lose my mind completely, food did make it to my mouth, in heavy portions. Continue reading “Pretty Colors, Pretty People, Pretty Brooklyn.” »

Minas Trend Preview

No See Hear Or Speak Fashion Series: Hats Can Do Much More.

One person’s trash is another person’s masterpiece in the making.   Designer Minas Gerais creations, from the clothes to the accessories, shows her range of creativity during her presentation at Minas Trend Preview Show in Brazil, but her headpieces are what blew my mind.  The hats are made of newspaper, with a paper mache technique that were meticulously crafted, and they vary in shapes and sizes. Who would want to step out the house with any of these on their heads for fear of a terrible wind blowing it off or some rain drops touching these pieces of art?   A place on the wall is where it should be, or on someone’s head during next year’s Met Gala!

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