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Popping Some Pixels.

Jherin Miller pixels

I’ve been searching for another pixelated series of photos like the 8-bit illustrations project I shared about two years ago. Jherin Miller, a graphic designer and creator of “Where the sun sleeps,” combined 80′s graphics and old-fashion photography to create these cool photographs.  Thank you Miller for making these Polaroids looks as though they needed a couple more shakes.

Jherin Miller pixels 3Jherin Miller pixels 4Jherin Miller pixels 5Jherin Miller pixels 6Jherin Miller pixels 7Jherin Miller pixels 8Jherin Miller pixels 2


PH: Trendland

Illustrations. New Stories To Tell

Created in 2011

Friend: Why did you stop your illustrations?

Moi: I don’t know.. I got distracted with work?

Friend: You no longer work there so why not start again?

Moi: Don’t know why…my heart isn’t in it right now.

After my response, I took a painful gulp, and faked a smile.  I did get distracted with the job I held at the time. I lost focus on what I loved doing, creating art and designing, instead I was working on daily reports or inventory, sitting in meetings, buying, displaying, complaining, some more ings occupied my life, putting my illustrations into an untouched file on my external drive.  Some of them waiting to be finished others, completed but never published.

It takes one person who I least expected, to bring it all to the surface.  An old fan and buyer of my illustrations reaching out to me like a long lost lover.  I never meet the person face to face, but his email was so touching, it made me take another gulp, this time it was a gulp filled with guilt. Guilt for not doing something with my God given talent. Guilt for browsing through countless magazines, looking at images which could of been perfect starting points for my illustrations, and not doing anything thing with pages.  Not scanning them for future reference.  Not altering them to my liking.  Not creating my own visual stories from those that Elle, Harpers Bazaar and Vogue try to tell us within their glossies.

So this weekend, I’m taking a leap of faith on working on an e-store to sell some my illustrations. I’m also going to work on some new pieces by browsing, scanning, cutting, some more ings and I will have a new piece completed before the end of the weekend.

To create the type of illustrations I did, over a year ago, will not happen overnight, but I have to start somewhere and the process begins with applying the first layer to an image.

Yves Saint Laurent

Talk Tuesday: The Streets Are Walking.

” If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.” Almost every single professor I had at Fashion Institute of Technology uttered those words and it’s the most important phrase anyone who is an artist is sure to remember.  Whenever certain issues arose and my job demanded most of my time, in the past, I kept falling off my creative wagon. I would sketch every once in a blue moon and can’t remember the last time I created a garment or a clutch.

After seeing the beautiful clothes that went down the runways around the world, during the last couple of weeks, my designing juices are flowing and the pencils, markers and Photoshop are in full effect again baby!  I’m easing into it people with the most important pieces of an outfit I can’t make from scratch yet, the footwear.  All I can do is look, lust, gasp in excitement, or maybe buy.  For the beautiful shoes that I cannot have in my possession, they will be sketched.

Illustrations by Kalyca Romeo.


Guessing The 8-Bit Fashion Designer.

Fashion designers each have distinctive looks to their creations every season.  Designers like Yohji Yamamoto and Gareth Pugh are know for over-sized, voluminous silhouettes in dark colors or black and white patchwork.  Gucci is know for their body-hugging, sexy garments with bold accessories that are made to be noticed while Jil Sander gives us the combination of luxurious fabrics with minimalist looks. Remembering hundreds of fashion time-lines was something I believed I very good at until I saw the 8-Bit illustrations of looks from several fashion designers.

They say you have to have the passion and the knowledge to be involved in this cut-throat industry. They should of also stated that my mind should be a fashion archive to help figure stuff like this out.

I wanted to know which season each of the 8-bit illustrations belonged to.  Some of the images I knew immediately at first glance, while four of them still has me stumped.



The four illustrations that I can't figure which seasons they belong to.

I will have all the time in the world to juggle my memory, since the 8-bit graphic illustrations using the Fashionary templates are now available for sale HERE.



One For The Artists.

Niek Pulles

Last night I was hoping to attend an exhibit at The Rush Arts Gallery to support my artistic brethren, but that was not to be.  The gallery decided to shut down the exhibit  early, which was right after I arrived.   “No worries, ” I said to myself, I ‘ll just went home and worked on some of my own projects.

At 2:20am this morning my companion at that time, Photoshop, crashed,  leaving me alone and in a panic mode.  After 20 minutes of trying to get Photo-man to come back to me and failing , I gave up.
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Amy Martino Can You Draw Me?

My never ending search for shoes tends to take me into different directions and I’m always find more than I suppose to, but in the end,  a smile is on my face.  Just the case with my search for a new pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes online.  I came across the Illustration below, created by graphic designer Amy Martino.

Amy Martino Illustration for Jeffrey Campbell

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