Monday Men Style: Some Essentials Worth Sharing.

It’s been a while since I’ve paid attention to what some of the influential men of fashion and style need, what, and can’t live without, but thanks to, I’m now informed and up-to-date on the important stuff, like who wears vintage Gucci shoes with a Givenchy scarf across his neck, who’s a socks on winter man, and socks off during the summer, and which musician has to have Kosher Hot Dogs.

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Monday Men Style: The King Of Fashion

tom ford own network

Artistic, visually captivating videos have gotten ahold of me lately. From fashion-editorial shorts to full-length movies, the clothes behind the stories have my attention the way that special light hypnotizes the flies before they’re zapped.   All of my video loving has lead me to “A Single Man,not literally the movie and the man behind those lenses, Tom Ford.

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Creative Movie Time.

Screen shot 2012-06-20 at 8.23.32 AM

It’s officially the first day of summer and Mother Nature decided to hit us hard on day one.  It’s going feel like 100 plus in temp, and for me, who has never had a good relationship with hot summer days, I’ll be spending most of my time indoors.  So I’ve decided to get the videos lined-up that can stimulate, captivate, fascinate and any other “ates” I missed.  Something productive to do while I’m inside avoiding any heated time with Mother Nature for now.

Through a Glass Brightly
“Submerged glasses and decanters by fine crystalware makers Lobmeyr, Baccarat and Saint Louis are animated with billows of color in this short by Parisian art director William Snieg.”

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Midi Meet Mid A Fashionable Encounter.

midi meet mid 2

Not being model height nor fitting  into the petite category has some disadvantages, especially if you work in fashion.  They don’t call it sample sale for nothing.  This comes into play sometimes when I want to wear my favorite length in skirts and dresses, the midi.  I don’t want to always wear a pair of flats or outrageously high heels or platforms with every midi dress or skirt I plan on wearing this summer.  I did have this question pop up a couple of time already, and since it’s one I can relate to all to well,  just wanted to share some options, and styling tips that may help those inquiring minds.

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