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Monday Men Style: Some Essentials Worth Sharing.

It’s been a while since I’ve paid attention to what some of the influential men of fashion and style need, what, and can’t live without, but thanks to GQ.com, I’m now informed and up-to-date on the important stuff, like who wears vintage Gucci shoes with a Givenchy scarf across his neck, who’s a socks on winter man, and socks off during the summer, and which musician has to have Kosher Hot Dogs.

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tom ford own network

Monday Men Style: The King Of Fashion

Artistic, visually captivating videos have gotten ahold of me lately. From fashion-editorial shorts to full-length movies, the clothes behind the stories have my attention the way that special light hypnotizes the flies before they’re zapped.   All of my video loving has lead me to “A Single Man,not literally the movie and the man behind those lenses, Tom Ford.

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Creative Movie Time.

It’s officially the first day of summer and Mother Nature decided to hit us hard on day one.  It’s going feel like 100 plus in temp, and for me, who has never had a good relationship with hot summer days, I’ll be spending most of my time indoors.  So I’ve decided to get the videos lined-up that can stimulate, captivate, fascinate and any other “ates” I missed.  Something productive to do while I’m inside avoiding any heated time with Mother Nature for now.

Through a Glass Brightly
“Submerged glasses and decanters by fine crystalware makers Lobmeyr, Baccarat and Saint Louis are animated with billows of color in this short by Parisian art director William Snieg.”

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Midi Meet Mid A Fashionable Encounter.

Not being model height nor fitting  into the petite category has some disadvantages, especially if you work in fashion.  They don’t call it sample sale for nothing.  This comes into play sometimes when I want to wear my favorite length in skirts and dresses, the midi.  I don’t want to always wear a pair of flats or outrageously high heels or platforms with every midi dress or skirt I plan on wearing this summer.  I did have this question pop up a couple of time already, and since it’s one I can relate to all to well,  just wanted to share some options, and styling tips that may help those inquiring minds.

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Spring Trends Me Likey: Hi-Tops And Drop-Downs.

Dropping it like it’s hot with your waistline this year is a way to embrace the flapper look from the 1920s into modern day.  Its a silhouette that hides flaws some of us want hidden  and also perfect for those you have straight, boyish figures. Continue reading “Spring Trends Me Likey: Hi-Tops And Drop-Downs.” »


Red Shoes For All Year Round.

As many of you know, I look at Valentine’s Day and the days leading up to this day of “love” as the perfect time for me to grab deals on candy, clothes and lingerie!  Love me 365 days baby but, on Valentine’s Day, let me love myself with some shopping!

This year my love goes towards dressing my feet in some red stuff.  I found great styles that works for everyone, and deals for those who don’t want to spend a ton on some red heels.  Red heels will be a good way to incorporate some pop-of-color into your outfit, just make sure that when you buy these sexy heels, that you know how to walk in them.  You do not want to bring attention to your flaws with some red, because you will be talked about by people, like me!

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Giambattista Valli Pre Fall 2012

Pre Fall Dreams Will Come True.

Giambattista Valli Pre Fall 2012

Fashion is forever changing and revolving.  We are always looking for the designer of the season, the must have colors and trends.  This creative, vicious cycle that we cant get enough, starts with the F word, lets keep it clean, can now include a preemie fall season, written into our fashion weeks yearly schedules, I’m was all to happy to scan through the collections looking for must-haves pieces.  Pre-Fall collections of 2012 will be giving us, colors that  will not blend in, there are evening gowns that could make anyone feel like a Hollywood star and outerwear that can fit, either more than one person at a time or will allow your boyfriends or male friends to borrow your coat without that tight feminine feeling,  that’s if they’re into the over-sized look.  Let’s see the trends I gogo gaga over.


The Outerwear Shuffle: You have some time before these coats hit retail store, So take that time to figure out what you can rock underneath these marvelous coats.

With the oversize coats, it can mean heavier sweaters underneath for people who are in colder climates.  It is also a great look for someone who likes to wear outrageously high heels with tights.  Also for those ladies who want to surprise your boyfriends with the naked or lingerie clad body underneath the traditional trench,  try the oversize coat instead.  New year,  new sex looks.  Just coat, tights, heels and a handbag.



With the oversized coats, why not some big sleeves to match? Tight at the wrist and lose on the top, just the way I like my sweater sleeves. These types of sweaters have always been my favorite during the colder months.  It hides the flabby  arms one may have right after the holidays and during the hibernation season, and it’s works for the extra layers you may want to wear underneath the sweater.


Red will do a body good ladies.  During a season when most people will be wearing darker colors,  forget just the pop of color on your lips, or an accessory.  Color is direct for Pre-Fall 2012 in the form of the color red.  Go for it all the way baby!

The wider the pants legs, the higher the heels to be worn, the taller we can be!  That’s how I’ve always looks at wide leg pants and the different versions designers have given us from their pre-fall collections will allow us to wear a lot of heels, platforms and wedges that can take us to new heights. 

Photos via Style.com


Hubba Hubba Fashion: Art Deco Gucci Way.

Art Deco with Black, White and Gold-member!  For  Gucci’s Spring S/S 2012 show, the 1920′s fashion silhouettes were obvious with flapper dresses in different lengths and the shinny architectural lines on each look that went down the runway!  The details spoke for themselves along with strong makeup and hair that modernize the collection.  Skyscrapers as inspiration for Gucci Spring S/S ’12, kinda makes the saying “the sky’s the limit,” a bit more glamorous. The sky maybe the limit, but would you mind if there were garments literally lines with gold, sliver and bronze up there?

Behind the Muses4


“The love affair between fashion and music has never been hotter. Photographer Max Vadukul captures 10 designers and the musicians who inspire them most.”


“I was captivated by her eccentric style and her willingness to dare,” says Giannini, Gucci’s creative director, who designed Welch’s costumes for her current tour—and also took inspiration from her for the label’s fall 2011 collection. “She embodies the cinematic allure and seductive power that is its essence.”


“When I was in the UK, everybody from Jamaica wore waistcoats,” explains Diplo, who coproduces an absurdist Jamaican dancehall project called Major Lazer. “That kind of craziness is what I like about him,” says Wang, who made Diplo the frontman in ads for his T men’s wear line this past spring.


“We’re really attracted to independent spirits, people who don’t follow trends,Yoko pretty much personifies that.” says Lazaro Hernandez (above, right), who designs Proenza Schouler with Jack McCollough.


“For me, George embodies the modern British look,” says Bailey, Burberry’s creative director, of the frontman of the British indie rock group One Night Only.


“I admire her passion and confidence— she is truly a free spirit,” Costa says. Her ability to speak Costa’s native tongue has only added to his affection: “My favorite part of the shoot was singing together in Portuguese.”


“We liked each other from the first second on,” says the designer. “Not just because of our style, but also the name: Janelle rhymes with Chanel, no?”


“I think it’s because he’s such a visual artist, mixing of art forms and genres, that’s something I respond to,” says Rodarte designers Kate (right) and Laura Mulleavy about Kanye West.


“Her music and style seemed so fresh and innovative,” recalls Donatella Versace about M.I.A.

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a to z cover page

The Letters Of The Alphabet Have Something To Say About Spring.

About a month ago, I decided to challenge myself by create my own version of The Fashion Book, but mine would focus on my favorite things for the coming seasons of spring/summer 2011.   At first it seemed easy enough, since there were several items that started with the letters C, D, F and S in my memory bank.  The easy street changed pretty fast when letters G, O,Y and Z stalled me for days.  Would of been easy to  ask for help from friends, but this project I wanted to do on my own, for as long as it would take.  Even though this project took a couple of weeks to find something for each letter in the alphabet,  including images, writing tidbits and creating templates, I’m happy that I did it all by my lonesome.  Now, let’s see if I can do this again for Fall!


fall 2006 2

Bailey’s Burberry

Who can say they wanted anything but a classic trench from Burberry before Christopher Bailey came along?   Even though Burberry, established in 1856, is one of the oldest fashion labels in existence, their first ready-to-wear  collection was launched in 1998 by Roberto Menichetti. In 2001, Christopher Bailey was appointed the position of creative director at Burberry  Prorsum after he left his own stamp at Gucci for five years under Tom Ford.

C. Bailey has taken a fashion label well over a hundred years old, know for it’s waterproof fabrics and trench-coats,and within ten years, made Burberry into a chic, hip, contemporary clothing line with accessories, shoes and handbags that are just as beautiful as the clothes you should wear them with. Mr. Bailey has done the Burberry Prorsum label right and always gives us new interpretations of the trench-coat every season.


Bailey is giving us more to drool over Monday Feb 21st.  Check out the Live stream for

Burberry Prorsum’s Fall 2011 Collection. 4pm London time/11am New York time. on Burberry.com and LondonFashionWeekLive.co.uk/

Here are a some of my favorites trench-coats from Bailey throughout the years at Burberry Prorsum.

Photos via Style.com

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