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Monday Men Style: Goodbye To 2013 with Twelve

I tried, I really did. I wanted to, but couldn’t every week.  Monday Men Style stories were suppose to be my weekly project I all-to-happily assigned to myself for 2013.  To write and share images of those men who did right by me and many others in several stimulating ways!  These gents were creative enough to rock clothes that suited their own personal style and body types, having us desire them and some of the goodies in their closets!

There were weeks when school and work projects kept me away from sharing the “FINE” stuff, but it’s all the feedback and comments from you all, plus the power of a good suit on a broad back, that had me creating stories in the wee hours of the some mornings and will continue to do so!  Before 2014 gets here, let’s reminisce about the good things some men have done in 2013 for the fashion world or how they just tickled our fancy.  Ok my fancy!

January: You Hunk of A Trendsetter.

men style  hat

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Tipping The Hat Goodbye Instead Hello

Hat tipper gqnyfw34

My love of hats were shared by countless men this past winter who wore an array of styles on the streets all around the world.

Therefore before saying au revoir to the season that calls for us to protect our heads in own stylish ways, I wanted to acknowledge some of the hat wearers that made milliners and mad hatters, like myself, happy spectators.

We have beanie, bobbie, trilby and floppy.  Say them out loud and they sound like the names belonging to members of a music boy band. We have the baseball cap guy playing base minus the ball, and the newsboy making sure you get the hear all all all about it.

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men to women style 5

Monday Men Style: Summertime Sharing Is Caring Moment.

I want that America Flag on my chest and that polka dot shirt with a your jeans.  Is he rocking a turban?  Yea want that also along with the plaid shirt, red belt, vans shoes and canvas bags.

Doing my daily GQ.com cruising found images of these men looking HOTT, for all the right reasons.  Yet I couldn’t help but want the clothes on their backs on my own, and I’m not the only one thinking that.

Until the day comes when they make clothes like Celie in The Color Purple did “One Size Fits All”, I found pieces that will make us ladies look like the chic twin to these men.

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pitti uomo 18

Monday Men Style: Pitti Uomo/ The Men Kicked It Off.

Most of us only pay attention to the women’s fashion week every season, overlooking the guys contribution to this world that only the fashion strongest shall survive in.  Pitti Uomo, the menswear tradeshows, that the stylish men descend upon in Florence Italy, is held twice a year.   This buyer’s dream playground for men and women alike (eye candy ladies) showcases new brands, trends, and projects we can expect to see in the coming months.  

In addition to all of that, we get to gawk at the men in attendance who wear their version of Fashion’s Sunday Best for four days straight. I couldn’t wait to share these photos plucked from some of my favorite fashion websites. Way too may to list, so I’ve sorted through the photos, to make your viewing experience one to be enjoyed with some good espresso in hand.  Godere!

Photos from StreetFSN, GQ.com, Style.com and Jak&Jil


Monday Men Style: London Fashion Week From GQ & Tommy Ton.

What a team we have here! Tommy Ton paired up with GQ.com to give us the mens’ best in show during the S/S fashion month.  If memory serves me right the collaboration started getting me excited around the same time last year and as each fashion week passes from the fashion capitals around the world, the photos keep getting better.  At the same time Mr. Ton and GQ.com are showing us that there are some men out there who put some effort and takes pride in their appearances.  We women should not take any excuses from some of the men in our lives when they try to leave the house in garments that haven’t been pressed or dare I say cleaned.  (close your eyes for 5 seconds and nod your heads)

Now that we’re on the same page, let’s stare, tilt our heads every so slightly to the left, and marvel at how the guys, in the photos below, define their sense of style during London’s spring/summer 2012 fashion week.

The ankle length pants have are still going strong in London!

The love of backpacks have been spotted. Check out a selection below that are unisex.

Click here to find out more.

Even though this jacket has been worn down to the seam , this guys still makes his rip-away look cool.

Photos via GQ.com


Stop and Stare Street Style.

Ladies, I’m here to show proof  that the pressure to look great has gotten worst,  thanks to some of the men wondering the streets of New York City.
Gone are the days when boys would wear the pants down to their knees, no more dirty Timberlands or down coats.  The clothes fits the boys to men, and talk about a well-made suit that deserves a double take!

After showing one of my friends the photos, she made a comment that never occurred to me, “We as women are so focused on looking at the guys to see if they’re checking us out, we never take time to check them out.”
It’s time  for us as women to step up our games, the opposite sex is giving us a run for our money.  Gay, straight, bisexual, doesn’t matter what you’re into, the men are making it worth our while to observe with mischievous grins!
So these photos thanks to Tommy Ton from Jak&Jil and GQ.com can provide several things for us:
1.Motivate several of us to step it up with our attire and overall look every time we leave our homes.
2. Try not to always be in a rush, take time to notice your surroundings, when I say surrounding, I mean the men who stare us down, return the favor.
3. If we’re every having a bad day and we need some candy that is safe for us to consume, let’s go the the photo gallery below and enjoy some eye-candy.  Our bodies will thank us later!
And from me, you’re welcome! (wink)

Photos via GQ.com and Tommy Ton