Tell Me My Creative Friends.

Birds of a feather flock together. That couldn’t be truer than the people I’m friends with on facebook.  Besides my family, most of my facebook friends have something to do with the arts, mostly fashion.  They either create, illustration, capture, sell it or wear it very well. We all have this common ground than keeps us going back for more every season, month, week, and day.

I couldn’t think of a better group of people to ask my fashion related questions.

Question to all: Whose personal style has influenced your own?

Agne Skripkinaite, talented journalist and editor-in-chief at

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Monday Men Style: Q&A With Glen Graham.

It’s always nice to see someone you’ve known for years grow, and evolve into a person who can teach, and inspire others in this creative industry we love.  Glen Graham, Photographer and Videographer, is designing an entirely new category with the style of videos he creates and photographs he snaps, all the while maintaining his double looker presence.  Definition: A person who’s irresistible or alluring head to toe look that can have me swiftly turn my head twice towards his or her direction in less than 5 seconds, deserves the Double Looker Title.

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