Fashion For Display Purposes

the coveteur coffee table mashup

The Coveteur perfected it, making the goodies within the closets’ of fashion and pop culture most influential names look like works of art that belongs on the walls, on bookshelves or display cases within the home.  It would make sense since fashion designers, are artists whose works are displayed on human bodies instead of on coffee tables.  

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Met Gala Dresser I Am!

Ohh the guessing game. Forget the Oscars, Golden Globes, even the Grammys, The Met Gala is the one I get that special tingle for.  I love pretending that I’m the one responsible for choosing the gowns for the Gala’s usual glamourous suspects, and new members that join the red-steps gang.

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Pre Fall Dreams Will Come True.

Giambattista Valli Pre Fall 2012

Fashion is forever changing and revolving.  We are always looking for the designer of the season, the must have colors and trends.  This creative, vicious cycle that we cant get enough, starts with the F word, lets keep it clean, can now include a preemie fall season, written into our fashion weeks yearly schedules, I’m was all to happy to scan through the collections looking for must-haves pieces.  Pre-Fall collections of 2012 will be giving us, colors that  will not blend in, there are evening gowns that could make anyone feel like a Hollywood star and outerwear that can fit, either more than one person at a time or will allow your boyfriends or male friends to borrow your coat without that tight feminine feeling,  that’s if they’re into the over-sized look.  Let’s see the trends I gogo gaga over.


The Outerwear Shuffle: You have some time before these coats hit retail store, So take that time to figure out what you can rock underneath these marvelous coats.

With the oversize coats, it can mean heavier sweaters underneath for people who are in colder climates.  It is also a great look for someone who likes to wear outrageously high heels with tights.  Also for those ladies who want to surprise your boyfriends with the naked or lingerie clad body underneath the traditional trench,  try the oversize coat instead.  New year,  new sex looks.  Just coat, tights, heels and a handbag.



With the oversized coats, why not some big sleeves to match? Tight at the wrist and lose on the top, just the way I like my sweater sleeves. These types of sweaters have always been my favorite during the colder months.  It hides the flabby  arms one may have right after the holidays and during the hibernation season, and it’s works for the extra layers you may want to wear underneath the sweater.


Red will do a body good ladies.  During a season when most people will be wearing darker colors,  forget just the pop of color on your lips, or an accessory.  Color is direct for Pre-Fall 2012 in the form of the color red.  Go for it all the way baby!

The wider the pants legs, the higher the heels to be worn, the taller we can be!  That’s how I’ve always looks at wide leg pants and the different versions designers have given us from their pre-fall collections will allow us to wear a lot of heels, platforms and wedges that can take us to new heights. 

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Jewelry Of Mass Destruction

No pain no gain ladies, danity, cute and luxurious are no longer the words we use to describe our jewelry.  Tough, bold, hardcore, a bit dangerous if you make any sudden movements and can injure to those who may want harm to you. Just a couple of ways we like to make jewelry statements these days.  I’ve always been a fan of the extreme and wanted to purchase some of my very own, but while searching, I couldn’t help but notice how expensive these POWERFUL jewelry pieces were.  We all know about the weapons used during wars costing millions of dollars, I guess that some of these designers decided that imitation not only in design, but in cost, is the best form of flattery.

Clockwise from upper left:

FLUTTER Spiky earrings$265

FLUTTER Spike ring$184

DRIES VAN NOTEN Flower necklace$625

DOMINIC JONES Spike ring $333

GILES Beaded dinosaur necklace $2133

VIONNET Pendant necklace$529

Clockwise from upper left:

Hannah Martin single earring $395

Gareth Pugh signature curved ring $239

BLING DEENIE Spiked bracelet $65

MAWI Spike ring$320

House of Waris Flame Bracelet $8950.00

Eddie Borgo Gunmetal-plates crystal triangle necklace $740

Eddie Borgo Gold-plated spike earrings $315

Clockwise from upper right:

Aurelie Bidermann sterling silver helmut ring $1260

Aurelie Bidermann Leather Cadman Cuff $853

Aurelie Bidermann Camden 18-karat gold-plated studded leather cuff $1495


Clockwise from upper left:

Pamela Love Tribal Spike Sterling Silver Three-Finger Ringer $690

Pamela love talon sterling sliver cuff $1150

Pamela Love Tribal Spike Sterling Silver Cuff $645

Pamela Love Burnished-Pewter & Leather Necklace $1120

Clockwise from upper right:

Fallon Spike Choker$230

Fallon Curb Necklace$335

FALLON Spike ring$109

Fallon Labrynth Chandelier Earrings$161

Fallon Crest Coin Choker$161

Fallon All Points West Bracelet$80

ASSAD MOUNSER Annihilation collar $430


To see more of these great pieces visit


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