Earrings on Ears and Chest

My love of fashion does have limits, one of them is altering my body.

-Losing weight to fit into a sample size. Not going to happen since I love food to much and these curves aren’t going anywhere!

-Getting tattoos to document a moment in my life.  I have enough scars and bruises to remind me of those moments don’t need the ink.

-What about piercing my ears to don some earrings.  I like my ears hole free, but that doesn’t mean I can’t wear the earrings! Take it to the clothes my fellow fashion brethren.

Triple Five Soul Vest (similar)// Blaque Label Pleated Neckline Maxi(similar) // Converse Sneakers  //  JJ Winters Croc Envelope Clutch // Vintage Gold Earrings as brooches. (similar, here, here, and here)

With bejeweled clothes, shoes, and any other part where X marks the spot, this Fall/Winter is the perfect season to wear your jewels on your chest.  I look at earrings as brooches that come in pairs.

Isabel Lu Jacket (similar)/   Blaque Label Pleated Neckline Maxi // H&M Scarf (similar) // Zara Ballerina with Jewels // Vintage Colored Stone Earrings as brooches. (similar here and here)

Blaque Label Leather Cape Jacket (similar) // Blaque Label Lace Dress (similar here and here) // Zara Ballerina with Jewels // Vintage Gold earrings as brooches

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Monday Men Style: Twinsies

Who doesnt want look like their mate, wearing similar head-to-toe outfits walking down the street?  Dinner time, the couple that looks alike stays the night!  I’m just saying stuff that I would never follow or live by, my gosh imagine my boyfriend rocking a head-wrap during the day, and at night me trying to don a suit with a bow tie.  Actually I might out shine him in the suit/bowtie combo since I’ll still have the headtie, red lips and heels!  You get where this is going!

I found some street-style photos of good looking men in outfits that were worthy of a sharing-is-caring moment with the ladies, but I looked out for the guys also.

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Monday Men Style: No Socks Allowed.

These fashionable guys are such teases, don’t you agree?  Last year, the shorts cool men wore gave us views of their legs, some hairy, some shaved, some adorned with tattoos.  This year the shorts are still around, but the sighting seems to be few and far between.

Now the well-dressed men are making us feel as though the legs are forbidden parts of their bodies are only a glimpse will do.  They’re not shredding their jeans  or rocking cutouts, oh no, our masculine toys have decided only the lil bit will do, like we’re in living in the 1920s where men and women thought ankles were enough.  Stingy fellas aren’t they?

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Monday Men Style: Summertime Sharing Is Caring Moment.

I want that America Flag on my chest and that polka dot shirt with a your jeans.  Is he rocking a turban?  Yea want that also along with the plaid shirt, red belt, vans shoes and canvas bags.

Doing my daily GQ.com cruising found images of these men looking HOTT, for all the right reasons.  Yet I couldn’t help but want the clothes on their backs on my own, and I’m not the only one thinking that.

Until the day comes when they make clothes like Celie in The Color Purple did “One Size Fits All”, I found pieces that will make us ladies look like the chic twin to these men.

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