Watchful Wednesday: “The Future of Flesh” for Prada

prada x luke gildordprada x luke gildord 3

I never imagined the day would come that Jane Fonda would frighten the heck out of me while offering presents, but this short film featuring the feminist’s voice made it sound haunting to accept gifts of Prada.  

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Lady Dior Inspire Me I Say.

These past few days I’ve been running around like a hat-less hipster, trying to gets things together for a shoot this weekend.  With all of the extreme weather pounding New York City these past two weeks, and being consumed with the the elections, tt’s been a bit hard to get my creative mojo popping again and finalize the small details.

So today, I’m going to distract myself with some movie time featuring the house of Dior sharing it’s magic through the eyes of talented actress Marion Cotillard.  She has been the face of Dior since 2009, and with this romantic web documentary series, Cotillard shows us behind-the-scenes of the ateliers and locations that makes up the legendary Christian Dior history.

Btw: I watched while munching on banana chips and nutella which made improved the experience for me!

Episode 1: Fantasia

Episode 2: Up and Up

Episode 3: Metamorphose

Episode 4: In Lily’s Body

Keep checking Dior since this Lady Dior web series has more coming soon!

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