For Hotter Days Ahead: Crop Tops and Pleated Skirts

romeostyle tipster 2014  crop top

Sculpted crop tops are forgiving for so many body types. The glimpse of skin while wearing such a structured style that is sophisticated and chic.  An added bonus to my fashion comrades who goes through the water works in all the wrong areas during the hot summer days, some midriff breeze relief.

romeostyle tipster 2014  crop top b

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Style Tip: Wear these crop tops with high-waisted skirts or trousers.

 romeostyle tipster 2014 pleated skirts

Maxi, midi, knee-length and mini; various skirt styles that can use doses of pleats, taking the schoolgirl look to fashionable modern heights.  I do suggest lightweight fabrics like chiffon, silks, cotton or muslin, and getting a skirt with a defined waistband or belt friendly.

romeostyle tipster 2014 pleated skirts b

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Style Tip: Rock your pleated sweetness with boots or sneakers, men t-shirts or spring jumper to give it an edge.

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A Little Piece of Denim Heaven.

No matter your denim flavor, (denim jacket, trench, overalls or trousers) how you play with it (Canadian tuxedo, patchwork, two-tone or embellished,) or how you like your denim treated (acid wash, distressed, shredded) we wear the woven fabric like a second skin over and over again.
Ending one season and getting dressed into another, our love of denim starts to get into high gear during the fall/winter season, and some of us will try to wear our true denim with everything, to everywhere. Our cool true blue blankies.

This is for my fashion sisthrens who would wear denim to a dinner date, to work or a cocktail party while rubbing shoulders with those who have yet to appreciate this great woven creation!

romeostyle denim heaven 2

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Fashion’s Shoulder Slingers

Fashion Shoulder Slingers

The first time I saw this new look during New York Fashion Week almost two years ago, I loved it but, I said to myself that those ladies obviously don’t live among us daily street-walkers in the city.  To wear an open coat, or jacket over your shoulders without securing it while doing everyday activities on the go are impossible.  Let me list some possible scenarios.

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