Inspiration: All Things Stripes and Beautiful

romeostyle spring stripes_1

Don’t let national holidays such as Memorial Day or the 4th of July, be the only reasons to get your hands on fashionably striped pieces this spring/summer.  From the nautical stripes to pinstripes, and other strikingly lined garments in between, let’s get some wear from this trend without worrying if the stripes will fall on the wrong place of our bodies.

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Fashion’s Shoulder Slingers

Fashion Shoulder Slingers

The first time I saw this new look during New York Fashion Week almost two years ago, I loved it but, I said to myself that those ladies obviously don’t live among us daily street-walkers in the city.  To wear an open coat, or jacket over your shoulders without securing it while doing everyday activities on the go are impossible.  Let me list some possible scenarios.

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Over and Under A Peplum Tale

I don’t think peplum tops get enough credit. This fashion trend hit us big last spring and after seeing the S/S’ 13 collections during New York Fashion Week, it looks as though we have a peplution on our hands people and you’re either with the peplum or against it, but why against?

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Fashionable Ones Can Talk It All.

One; just give me one fashion editor, stylists, or fashion week regular rocking a mask or muzzle next month. Thinking outside the box, when it comes to accessories and this is a perfect must-see look that belongs on the streets during fashion week.

Maybe these face cover-ups will be great for the Fall/Winter season, perfect for those windy days.  Who am I fooling, the muzzles some designers sent down the runways will not be protecting any of us from blustering winds, but on the plus side we can talk a whole lot of smack about people in a low voice and they will not pay attention to our lips moving, all they’ll notice is the face jewelry being rocked.

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