Style Tips: Some points to be made.

romeostyle pointed soles 2014_5

Comfort – Check

Style – Check

Sleek, sophisticated – Check and check

Time to give those chunky soles a break, and incorporate some retro-feminine pointy-toe shoes that are versatile with everything that’s going on in fashion.

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Style Tips: Revealing and Concealing Moments

reveal and conceal

The reveal and conceal pieces are the lace-filled numbers we wear while brunching. The peek-a-boos that get approves from friends and lovers alike, and the sheer-a-little frocks making you the voguish fox!

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Fashion’s Winter to Spring Swap-A-Derby

romeostyle Spring Swap-A-Derby 8

I don’t recall the last time I’ve felt so full of excited to start a new season! It’s like your own Fear Factor episode of sixty minutes where you can win fifty thousand dollars after you’ve been tortured through three challenges. Our challenge was a harsh winter that lasted five months,  and unlike the show, we’ll have to create our own happiness.  

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Fashion Spring Proofing.

romeostyle spring proofing

A fashion advisory is in effect for us before spring arrives.  Due to the awful treatment we’ve received from Mother Nature this winter, let’s acknowledge that the first few days we get anything above 60 degrees, all of our common sense will go out the window, and we’ll shop like clothes-starving zombies for things we have no business buying. Drunk in Trends. That’s what that is, and at the end of it all, you’ll be rolling around on the ground alright, but not like Beyonce on a beach shaking your hips. You’ll be on your cold apartment floor throwing a fit wondering where did all of your money go?  This year we should take some knuckle cracking time aside to prepare our wardrobes, wallets and still look “Flawless!”

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