One Strap, Two Straps, Three Straps More

romeostyle Strapification shoe lover

For the love of Strapification.

There are subtle ways to show our inner dominatrix. One would be having our lovers on all four, strapping our feet into some sexy sole-power! Or maybe  a single strap across your toes doesn’t make you feel secure enough, because the second you put more strut in your walk, those pinkie toes are going to start begging for walking-plank mercy.

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A Fashionable Dip Back Into 2012

Facebook now has an option for us to share the 20 biggest moments from 2012 to share with our, family, friends and followers.  Now why would I let Facebook decide which of my stories and photos were the best of my 2012 when I’m more than capable of doing that with my own special commentary included!


Don’t you often want to add your own dialect to some of the photos you see on a daily basis? The people featured in the photos sometimes makes it hard to resist so I decided to take a add my own two cents to a couple of photos from Monday Men Style Caption Me This.

Hi Ho Hi Ho Its Off To Work We Go.

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